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The ovens remain to be the top equipment available at any professional kitchen. There are thousands of different kinds of ovens that offer a large number of features. However, the most modern machinery, offered on the tech market are air-o-steam and air-o-convect ovens.

Electrolux is a well-known manufacturer for both kinds of these ovens. Using top-notch materials, secure technologies and easy-to-use interface make air-o-steam and air-o-convect ovens highly demandable for years. Furthermore, Electrolux offers a number of advanced accessories, developed for making the process of cooking even easier and more comfortable.

Main features

  • Resistant to superb high temperatures. Since both kinds of ovens might use extreme temperatures for cooking, all the accessories are designed to easily stand the heat.
  • All accessories for air-o-steam and air-o-convect ovens meet the safety requirements and ensure completely secure usage.
  • Have the highest quality. Being supplementary equipment, all the accessories for Electrolux ovens are proven to have the same excellent quality as the main equipment.
  • Easy to install and use. Installing most accessories doesn’t require additional help of Electrolux service.

Electrolux Accessories for Air-o-steam and Air-o-convect Ovens Prices

Maran Projekt GmbH an official Electrolux dealer, offers the largest assortment of accessories for both air-o-steam and air-o-convect ovens, starting from simple trays, grids and detergents to unique chimneys, kits and adaptors.

All the accessories are 100% original and will perfectly fit any Electrolux air-o-steam and air-o-convect oven. A complete match of accessories with the main machinery is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

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