Cook & Chill Convection Ovens

Electrolux Professional Cook & Chill Convection Ovens

Electrolux is a famous brand that provides consumers with top-quality modular cooking equipment. It keeps the market leadership with its durable, quality, and functional units tailored to the needs of the modern industry.

When it comes to large-scale cooking, Electrolux Cook & Chill convection ovens are worth selecting because they provide users with compliance to safety standards, maximum performance, reliability, energy savings, and ergonomic operations at competitive prices. Ovens offered by Maran Projekt GmbH, the official Electrolux distributor worldwide, cater to all consumers because they are simple and efficient to use.

  • Multiple purposes to cook all kinds of food, like desserts, meat, and vegetables;
  • Different cooking options, such as low and max steam, convection cooking, and cooling;
  • Self-balanced doors for extra safety;
  • Different knobs to easily control temperatures, cooking modes, ventilation, and time;
  • Simple maintenance and cleaning because internal parts are easy to disassemble;
  • Stainless steel structure;
  • Seamless joints;
  • Different selectable cooking cycles, including turbo, fast, and standard grilling, defrost, and true fan cooking;
  • 2 function levels (manual and basic).

Electrolux Professional Cook & Chill Convection Ovens Price

Both consumers with limited budgets and sophisticated needs can get what they want from Maran Projekt GmbH. Prices are competitive and Electrolux Cook & Chill convection ovens are worth investing money in because of long-term service and exceptional functionality. Electrolux cooking equipment is chosen by modern consumers to literally enjoy the process of use.

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