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Electrolux Commercial Laundry


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Electrolux Commercial Washing Machines

Modern equipment for laundries and dry cleaners is a wide assortment of units for various purposes that allow you to automate all processes associated with washing, ironing and drying clothes.

From time immemorial, the processing of dirty linen and clothes was considered a very laborious task, but the laundry industry until the 18th century was based exclusively on manual labor, and the first "equipment" in the industry was considered to be ... a barrel with two levers.

The improvement of laundry equipment occurred on the wave of technical progress, and today both the domestic and industrial laundry appliances is widely represented in the profile market - a huge assortment of units that allow automating all processes, from sorting the laundry to ironing.

Electrolux Commercial Laundry Equipment for sale:

Electrolux Laundry Washing Equipment

Front Load, Side Load, Barrier and Wash & Dry Machines:
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Drying, Ironing and Finishing Equipment

Hydro extractors, Dryers, Ironers and Finishers:
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It should be noted that modern commercial laundry systems equipment is a complex machine equipped with various "intellectual functions", the creation of which is possible only in the conditions of high-tech production. Among the world leaders in the development and production of laundry equipment, a special place belongs to the Swedish company Electrolux - a world-recognized leader, the author of unique technical solutions and innovative technologies.

Creating professional equipment for laundries, engineers, designers and technologists of Electrolux not only use all the achievements of scientific and technical progress, but also take into account the wishes of end users, which allows to impart to the technician new facets of operational excellence.

Checked in practice: Electrolux laundry machines has no analogues in performance, is highly efficient, meets all modern standards in the field of environmental protection. At the same time, investments in equipment pay off in extremely short terms - including through saving energy, reducing water consumption, saving consumption of detergents.

Electrolux Commercial Laundry Equipment

The equipment from the world leader is delivered today to 150 countries of the world, including US, UK, Malaysia, Australia etc. The official representative and agent of the famous Swedish manufacturer is Maran Projekt GmbH - a team of professionals in the field of complex equipment of HoReCa facilities.

As an official representative of the manufacturer, we offer the fare prices for the entire line of commercial equipment for laundries and dry cleaners, and this line includes:

  • Washing machines are low- and high-speed (they provide respectively the residual humidity of the laundry 80-100% and less than 50%);
  • Pressing centrifuges, necessary when using low-speed washing machines (final spinning of laundry);
  • washing and drying machines, combining the functions of washing and drying clothes;
  • drying drums;
  • Rollers ironing and drying (for final processing of laundry with residual humidity from 50%);
  • Rollers ironing (for final processing of laundry with residual moisture not higher than 25%).

In addition to the equipment itself, Maran Projekt GmbH supplies original spare parts and also provides professional repair. The optimal form of cooperation with us is complex equipment of objects: our specialists will select the ideal equipment, whether it is equipment for mini-laundry or for large laundry facilities.

Electrolux Commercial Laundry Systems

Electrolux is one of the leading commercial laundry appliances manufacturer for over 20 years. Electrolux commercial laundry systems is also renowned as one of the most dependable brand in the laundry industry as it provides superior quality products along with outstanding customer support and technical support whenever needed. Electrolux commercial laundry service offers you comprehensive range of washing equipments, front loaders, side loaders, tumble dryers and ironers to fulfil all you commercial laundry requirements. Whether you own a small scale laundry business or a large industrial commercial laundry business, Electrolux provides you with all kinds of laundry solutions to take your business to the next level.

Electrolux is dedicated to provide high quality service and precision-engineered technology laundry solutions delivered to your doorstep through an exclusive network of professional laundry Partners around the world. Electrolux commercial laundry equipment are specially designed and developed to reduce your working costs by consuming less power, energy, water and detergents in a big way.

Advantages of Electrolux commercial laundry machines:

Electrolux commercial laundry systems provides you with a lot of unmatched advantages including:

  • Reduced power, water and detergent usage
  • Designed using high-end latest technologies
  • Faster cycle times means more clothes washed in less time
  • Economic drying process
  • Low water retention capabilities
  • Superior ironing performance
  • Complete range of ironing solutions from ironing lanes to feeding and folding equipments
  • Superior technical support whenever and wherever needed
  • Excellent service and maintenance
  • Largest service network in the world

Electrolux – Choose Your Solution Package

Access solution

  • Low water retention and power consumption and upto 50% water savings for half loads
  • 30% less drying time when compared to other brands
  • Special features for plain and smooth linen clothing
  • Ironing belts are special designed to handle high temperatures
  • 2 x Front Load Washers (33 kg)
  • 1 x Tumble Dryer (30.5 kg)
  • 1 x Cylinder type Ironer (2065 mm)

Advanced solution

  • Superior washing qualities and intelligent design with the help of integrated saving system to allow optimal loading of the washer
  • 10% faster drying time
  • 15% more energy efficient when compared to other systems
  • Direct Ironer Advanced Moisture Management System
  • 3 x Front Load Washers (45 kg)
  • 1 x Tumble Dryer (45 kg)
  • 1 x Cylinder type Ironer with feeder, folder and stacker (3170 mm)

Superior solution

  • Excellent washing qualities combined with an intelligent design.
  • Comes with an Integrated Saving System for optimal loading of washer and efficient water and detergent dosing
  • Superior performance and best value for money
  • Higher productivity with 10% faster wash cycles and 15% more energy efficient
  • 3 x Front Load Washers (120 kg)
  • 2 x Front Load Washers (65 kg)
  • 1 x Front Load Washers (20 kg)
  • 4 x Tumble Dryers (60 kg)
  • 1 x Tumble Dryers (20 kg)
  • 1 x C-Flex Ironer

One of the major features that has made Electrolux one of the most trusted brands is its excellent support features, as it provides technical support wherever you are, whether you are in Electrolux commercial laundry uk or Electrolux commercial laundry Australia or even Electrolux commercial laundry Malaysia.

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