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Electrolux Commercial Washers


We speak English and German. We ship worldwide from Hamburg, Germany.

Electrolux Commercial Washer

The Electrolux Laundry professional equipment range allows you to equip any object - from a small laundry to a laundry plant of a large hotel complex. By the way, the equipment of these brands was used when equipping many of the largest hotel complexes in the world. Laundry equipment Electrolux Laundry - this is the highest performance and built-in "smart" programs that allow you to optimize all processes in the laundry.

Electrolux Commercial Washers Price:

Electrolux Laundry Washing Equipment

Front Load, Side Load, Barrier and Wash & Dry Machines:
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Drying, Ironing and Finishing Equipment

Hydro extractors, Dryers, Ironers and Finishers:
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There is an opinion that the degree of development of the sphere of personal services in a given country reflects the level of development of its civilization and the quality of life of citizens. One of the challenges in this area is the technical equipment of the laundry - a task that today is absolutely impossible to perform at the proper level without specialized equipment.

A full technological cycle of washing clothes requires the use of professional washing, drying and ironing machines. At the same time, we have to admit that with the technical complexity that distinguishes modern laundry equipment, the cost of the units providing laundry and ironing is quite high.

However, when it comes to such an acquisition as Electrolux commercial washer, the price can not be decisive: high-performance professional equipment is the ideal quality of washing, drying and ironing, as well as complete safety, saving water and energy resources, reducing the processing time of laundry in Laundry.

At the production of equipment for laundries today, prominent European and American manufacturers specialize. One of the recognized world leaders is the company Electrolux (Sweden), which uses advanced technological developments to create equipment that takes into account all the requirements of the modern consumer.

The best-selling products of the world leader are available anywhere in the world: the official representative of the Electrolux concern Maran Projekt GmbH, supplies a variety of Electrolux commercial washers (prices from authorized dealer), and provides a full range of services for its installation and maintenance during operation.

Electrolux Commercial Washers:

  • Low-speed washing machines (provide a residual moisture of laundry 80-100%);
  • High-speed washing machines (provide a residual moisture of laundry not more than 50%);
  • Pressing centrifuges (provide final spin after washing the laundry in low-speed washing machines);
  • Washing and drying machines (provide washing and drying of laundry with a stream of heated air);
  • Drying drums (provide a reduction in the moisture of the laundry due to the movement of clean laundry in the streams of heated dry air);
  • Ironing-drying rollers (provide processing of laundry, having residual humidity of 50%, used, in particular, when starching);
  • Ironing rollers (provide ironing direct laundry, having a residual humidity of 25%).

Experts of our company will unerringly choose the optimal solution for equipping the laundry of any scale and destination and will provide the delivery of laundry equipment. We supply equipment all over the world - from the United States to Malaysia, and from Sweden to South Africa.

Electrolux Commercial Washer Advantages

Electrolux laundry systems is one of the most popular providers of washing, drying and ironing machines at competitive prices. Even though the electrolux commercial washer price is lesser when compared to other competitors, you can be guaranteed that quality is not compromised at any cost. These machines consume less power, utilizes less water and detergent but washes your clothes to the cleanest and provides maximum return for your investment.

When you are planning to open a business, the important things that you’ll expect from your business is the durability, flexibility and economic investments producing greater returns. With Electrolux you can satisfy all kinds of laundry needs including owning a laundry machine for your home or complete set of laundry system for your laundry business or self-service laundry systems to cater to the needs of the people in your apartment.

Types of Electrolux Washing machines and other equipments

Electrolux fulfills every need of your laundry business as it has every kind of laundry system you can dream of. You can transform any area into a laundry store with electrolux laundry systems as electrolux commercial washers Malaysia or any other country, electrolux is an international company that ships its products across many countries worldwide.

Front Load Washers

  • Washer FL W555H and QWC - Compass Pro
  • Washer FL 65-330 litres and PW9C - Compass Pro
  • Washer FL 65 - 330 litres - Clarus
  • Washer FL 400 - 1100 litres - Clarus
  • Washer extra spin, solid mounted - Compass Pro

Side Load Barrier Washers

  • New Evolution 180-350 litres G5000
  • Hyvolution 500 litres G5000
  • Pocket 130-180 litres G5000
  • Evolution 250-650 litres G4000
  • Pocket 130-180 litres G4000
  • Pullman 700-1100 litres G4000

Side Load Washers

  • New Evolution 180-350 litres G5000
  • Evolution 250-650 litres G4000
  • Pullman 700-1100 litres G4000

Tumble Dryers

  • Tumble dryers - Compass Pro
  • Tumble dryers - Selecta

Drying Cabinets

  • Drying Cabinets


  • Ironer bed IB423 G4000
  • Ironer cylinder IC433 G4000
  • Ironer cylinder IC448 G4000
  • Ironer CFlex G4000

Ironing Lane

  • C-Flex IL vacuum table
  • C-Flex IL feeder
  • C-Flex IL flat folder
  • Towel folder 1.1
  • Towel folder 1.3

Hydro Extractors

  • Hydro extractors

Finishing Equipment

  • Finishing cabinet G4000 (FC48)
  • Shirt finishers (FSF)
  • Trouser toppers (FTT)
  • Vacuum (FIT1)
  • Vacuum (FIT2)
  • Vacuum (FIT3)
  • Vacuum/blowing/steaming (FIT4)
  • Vacuum (FIT5)
  • Vacuum/blowing (FIT6)
  • Wet cleaning (FIT-WC)
  • Traditional form finishers (FF)
  • Multifinishers (FFM)
  • Tensioning form finishers (FFT)
  • Rotary finishing cabinet (FRC)
  • Manually operated dry work (FPM-D)
  • Air operated dry work (FPA-D)
  • Manually operated wet work (FPM-WC)
  • Air operated wet work (FPA-WC)
  • Air operated wet work (FPA5-WC & FPA6-WC)
  • Spotting units (FSU)
  • Boilers (FSB)

Wash and Dry

  • Wash & Dry - Compass Pro

Electrolux is an international service that ships its products worldwide. Having its base in Hamburg, Germany, Electrolux product manuals and customer support are available in both English and German. One can order any electrolux product quickly online without need to visit any store. Electrolux is one company that keeps pushing its products to the next level with every release. With over 20 years of experience in the field of laundry systems and more, Electrolux provides you with a wide range of laundry systems and also has over than 10000 spare parts online.