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Electrolux Commercial Washing Machines


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Electrolux Commercial Washing Machines

In the modern market, there is a clear division into professional and household equipment: professional washing machines differ from domestic ones by greater loading (over 100 kg versus 5-8 kg), increased motor resources, programming capability (programmers installed in industrial models can generate up to two hundred different Washing modes).

Especially worth mentioning the cycle of washing: in professional equipment, it can be shorter by two or more times. In this washing machines for laundries are able to work up to 30,000 cycles per week, which can be estimated as almost a day of trouble-free operation. Provided timely maintenance, the service life of professional laundry equipment is about 25 years (household appliances - for comparison - designed for operation for 7-10 years).

Electrolux Commercial Washing Machines for sale:

Electrolux Laundry Washing Equipment

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The durability and productivity of professional washing machines is explained by their design features (special shock absorbers, rigid fixing of the inner drum, etc.), the use of more durable materials, increased power of heating elements, nuances of electrical connection.

In accordance with the possibilities of such equipment as a professional washing machine, the price for it is significantly higher than on a household model. And although the cost of equipment varies, depending on brand promotion and the manufacturer's pricing policy, experience shows the advisability of acquiring equipment that is recognized on the market as the best.

In order to guarantee justify the investment in equipping the facility, it is worth to buy professional washing machines from the industry leader, which is not the first year the Swedish company Electrolux is considered to be.

Professional washing machines in the product line of the famous Swedish manufacturer are represented by a wide variety of models created using high-tech equipment and innovative technologies. Numerous "intellectual functions" allow to take into account the needs of the most demanding customers to the maximum, while laundry equipment of the trade marks Electrolux Laundry and Zanussi provides diverse economy:

  • energy saving;
  • saving water resources;
  • cost savings.

Washing machines from the world leader in producer prices in Russia are offered by its official representative ER Professional.

In the range of supplies - low-speed and high-speed washing machines (34 models in total, differing in size and power), as well as washing and drying machines, in which the washed laundry is additionally subjected to drying in a stream of heated air.

The most widely represented high-speed machines that provide a low (less than 50%) residual moisture of clothes: from the compact model Electrolux W555H ELECTROLUX with a maximum load of 6 kg to the super-power model W41100H ELECTROLUX with loading up to 120 kg. Low-speed professional washing machines (residual humidity of linen 80-100%) are represented by different models with a loading of 7.5 kg to 35 kg.

Maran Projekt GmbH also supplies spinning centrifuges, drying drums, ironing and ironing and drying rollers. We offer the best in the market prices for all laundry equipment of trade marks Electrolux Laundry and Zanussi (actual prices are available on request).

Electrolux Commercial Washer

Electrolux is one of the largest home appliance makers in world having its headquarters in Sweden. It primary products include vacuum cleaners, refrigerators and washing machines. When it comes to laundry systems, Electrolux has been in the forefront in providing complete solutions for home and business related laundry systems developed using the latest technology and also available at competitive rates. Electrolux is also known for producing the largest front loading machine with 4.7 cu. ft. capacity and around 50 wash cycles with an incredible spin speed of upto 1350 RPM along with steam cleaning to make your clothes spotless clean.

Electrolux is one of the most recognized brand in the US market as they’ve delivered products with amazing features at attractive prizes. It is one of the European manufacturers that have made a huge appeal among the customers in the US market. The reason that made the customers accept electrolux commercial laundry washing machines and other products is because their products are dependable, energy efficient and also high quality engineered machines. In the laundry machines segment, the electrolux ipso commercial industrial washing machine is one of the most favored solution for industrial washing needs.

Electrolux Commercial Washing machines for Sale

Electrolux is one of the few companies that provides all round solutions for your commercial laundry system requirements. Every product is developed with a single motto to make each product sustainable and flexible. Insights and suggestions from customers helps to build and enhance your productivity and functionality. You can find all kinds of laundry systems including front load washers, back load washers, barrier washers, side load washers, wash and dry machines, tumble dryers, drying cabinets, hydro extractors, ironers, ironing lanes and finishing equipments.

Electrolux – Your Reliable Partner

Electrolux is a trusted brand in the laundry segment with wide range of equipments serving over 1000 commercial customers including the likes of Hyatt, Radisson, Sheraton, Holiday inn and Maersk to name a few. Ordering an electrolux is easy through online facilities and Electrolux has an advanced and completely secured payment gateway system through PayOne.

When you compare electrolux commercial washing machine prices with other brands, you’ll be surprised to see a big gap in prices between other brands. You can see the complete electrolux commercial washing machine price online. You can be anywhere in the world, Electrolux serves its customers worldwide, be it electrolux commercial washing machine price India or electrolux commercial washing machine price Malaysia, you can be assured of only the top quality products at attractive prices delivered at your doorstep. Electrolux has gained its confidence among its customers for its quick response and efficient order handling capabilities. You can access any kind of technical documentation in Electrolux website related to your products in both English and German languages. Electrolux also provides excellent technical support services to clarify all your queries and suggestion related to any product. Having been in the laundry sector for over 20 years, Electrolux always strives to outperform itself with constant Updation and with the usage of the latest technology.