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Electrolux Industrial Washing Machines


We speak English and German. We ship worldwide from Hamburg, Germany.

Electrolux Industrial Washing Machines

Electrolux laundry equipment is characterized by high efficiency, provides a significant reduction in water and energy consumption, meets the most stringent environmental standards, uses numerous technological innovations to achieve the best result at minimal cost (automatic determination of the required amount of detergents, From the type of fabric, rinse quality control, etc.)

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Electrolux Laundry Washing Equipment

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They say that the first mention of special equipment for laundry refers to the XVII century, and the first washing unit was a barrel with two levers. The development of the textile industry required new, more sophisticated technologies for washing clothes and linen, and the fruits of scientific and technological progress did not take long: laundry equipment became more and more powerful and effective.

Modern laundry equipment has virtually freed a person from heavy work on washing and ironing clothes: all stages of work in the laundry, from sorting dirty laundry and finishing with laundered laundry, are now automated. The production of the same equipment for laundry involved the most prominent machine-building companies.

Indeed, in our time it is very profitable to produce Industrial Washing Machines: deliveries of such units are in demand when equipping various objects - from small laundries and dry cleaners to hotels and large-scale hotel complexes.

Among the leaders of the industry are producers from those countries where the laundry industry was born. For example, manufacturers such as Miele (Germany), Danube (France), Primus (Belgium), Maytag (USA) demonstrate an invariably high level of quality of the produced equipment. One of the recognized leaders of the industry is the well-known to the whole world producer Swedish company Electrolux.

Among those who allow in different countries to launch the world's best Industrial Washing Machines - suppliers that are official representatives of manufacturers. It is this agent, which offers the complete assortment of Electrolux equipment at the best prices in the Russian market, is Maran Projekt GmbH.

Electrolux Industrial Laundry Machines

Maran Projekt GmbH offers the Russian consumer high-quality laundry equipment (sale, delivery, installation, maintenance). Here you can always buy:

  • Washing machines (w75, w355h etc.);
  • Washing and drying machines;
  • Pressing centrifuges;
  • Drying drums;
  • Ironing and ironing and drying rollers.

It should be noted that the completeness of the assortment does not in any way simplify the problem of choice: the most important stage in the selection of professional equipment is the competent calculation of the necessary number of units of equipment and the planned load for all units involved in the production cycle.

The specialists of Maran Projekt GmbH, who have a large and very successful experience in the complex equipment of laundries, will help to choose the equipment in such a way as to ensure the optimal operation of the units and avoid unreasonable costs when buying them.

If you are interested in the best Industrial Washing Machines, you can buy it directly from Maran Projekt GmbH: we offer the most attractive terms of cooperation, minimum prices (prices from the manufacturer) and the most comprehensive range of services around the world: US, UK, Europe, Malaysia, South Africa, India and other countries.

Electrolux Industrial Washing Machine

When it comes industrial laundry systems, Electrolux industrial washing machines are the leading products favored by many industries for all their laundry requirements. Electrolux has been constantly reinventing itself in terms of high technology laundry services to utilize less energy and water and provide the maximum output with less wash cycles. Electrolux w75 industrial washing machine and all other industrial washing machines from Electrolux require less maintenance and are specially designed with high quality materials to withstand all kinds of environment and surroundings. The machines are designed to serve for a long period of time without any issues.

Why Choose Electrolux industrial washing machines?

Electrolux industrial washing machine prices are the lowest when compared to other brands and it is also one of the leading and reliable solution provider for all your industrial laundry requirements. It has products for all your needs including machines for garment finishing, industrial washing, dry cleaning etc. Electrolux has clients in all forms including reputed hotels, hospitals, laundry business, garment manufacturers, pharmaceutical industries and residential schools and apartments. Electrolux has already created a different trend in the industrial washing machine segment.

Wash Time:

One of the important feature of any washing machine is its wash cycle time as people look for machines that wash quickly and clearly. The Electrolux wascator w355h commercial industrial washing machine has a wash cycle of only around 18 minutes when compared to cycle times of 25-30 minutes from industrial washing machine brands.

Environment Friendly:

Most of the Electrolux Industrial washing machines are Energy star rated, meaning they are energy efficient upto 83% when compared to other machines and also consume almost 56% less water than other competitor brand industrial washing machines. Some of the machines have been tested by reliable authorities to provide CEE Tier 3 rating to approve of its environment friendly properties.

Wash Cycles:

When it comes to wash cycles, some machines provide almost 50 or more wash cycles irrespective of any kind of materials washed. The speeds are also incomparable with other machines as you can witness spin speeds of upto 1350 RPM. The capacity to reduce moisture also helps in reducing the drying time for your clothes and hence saving a lot of energy and power.


Electrolux is proud to have one of the largest front load washing machines with an epic size of 4.7 cubic feet in some models. With these monster machines, you can easily wash a lot of clothes in a single time and wash king size comforters too, which is not possible with other brand machines. Larger capacity means fewer run times and fewer run times saves you lot of energy, power and water.


Electrolux has a dedicated team of technical support personnel always ready to respond to all kinds of queries from their customers. Electrolux website is also loaded with lots of product guides and manuals for your reference. The manuals are available in both English and German and you also get your product updates and offers in your own language through SMS. Wherever you are, Electrolux washing machine India and Electrolux washing machine Malaysia you can order products from Electrolux online and get it delivered to your doorstep.

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