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Electrolux Laundromat

Thinking of opening a laundry business, then look nowhere than the most trusted brand in laundry systems, Electrolux. When it comes to Professional laundromat business, Electrolux provides the complete solution for your laundromat business in providing everything including store design, signage boards, professional marketing for your store along with providing high quality world class coin operated Electrolux laundromat equipment that can save you a lot of money and take your business to the next level.

People already in the laundromat business knew exactly which laundromats can provide them huge benefits and only rely on Electrolux laundromat equipment as these machines are precision engineered to provide superior performance and also comes with an exceptional design. This equipment is specially designed with high quality materials to last for a long time. These machines are high speed commercial washing machines that perform to the highest level. The dryers are highly energy efficient and provide an ultimate laundry experience to your customers.

Electrolux laundromat Features

The Electrolux laundromat provides laundry machines that are easy to use and also comes loaded with a lot of unique features like Compass Pro, EcoPower, PowerBalance, Sanitizing Rinse and also optional text messaging feature to notify you of the status of your machines along the ability to operate the machines through voice input. With the Electrolux laundromat equipment, laundry owners are seeing an average ROI of 20-35%.

Some of the unique Electrolux Professional Laundromat equipment features include:

  • Water saving ability of upto 50% when compared to other brands
  • Specially designed easy to use interface
  • Compass Pro microprocessor is a single knob that performs various tasks
  • Easy programming and comes in more than 20 languages
  • You can also get detailed user statistics and diagnostics reports as well
  • Low power and water consumption
  • Comes with a clock to day time pricing and happy hour pricing to the customers
  • PowerBalance feature to balance your power input for longer lifetime and optimum water extraction
  • Easily accessible USB in coin box
  • Sanitizing Rinse for greater customer satisfaction and additional revenue
  • Great text messaging features
  • Voice input options available
  • Heavy-duty and high quality construction

Electrolux laundromat - Profitablу Business

Owning an Electrolux laundromat is much profitable than others, as you don’t need to pay any franchise fee and the failure rates of the business is much lower when compared to other laundromats. Start-up costs with Electrolux laundromat equipment is way lower than many franchise investments. Electrolux laundromat India is a proven business that can take your business to the next level.

One of the main reasons that many take up with the laundry business is because it is one business that has survived during the recession periods as well and many professionals from various fields are joining this industry as they see a huge scope in the laundromat business. Because even in recession or not, you definitely need to wear clean clothes and when you can easily wash your clothes at the slip of a coin, then why think of buying any washing machine of your own and pay for the repair and maintenance costs.

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