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Electrolux Cook & Chill

Cook-and-chill technology from Electrolux: cooking and cooling - ovens and blast chillers in one system. The special feature of cook-and-chill technology lies in the integration of preparation of the food and its frost as well as further storage without loss of taste, nutritional value and properties. Through innovative and unique technology, the workflow can be optimized in any kitchen as desired, loss of raw material escaped as well as savings in the cost of products.

Integration of preparation of food in the convection oven, intensive cooling of fast-paced dishes, shock-freezing and storage in a technological cycle allow time, financial and energy consumption to be effectively distributed. As a result, Electrolux's cook-and-chill technology significantly saves the costs of the operation that this system introduces.

Cook & Chill Equipment, product overview:

  • Air-o-steam
  • Blast chillers / freezers


Air-o-Steam hot-air driers by Electrolux Professional is the first and unique system for the preparation of ideal dishes. Weight losses during frying, cooking, cooking are reduced, time for preparing dishes is shortened. Emissions during the preparation will be lower: air in the kitchen will be fresh and clean. The dishes prepared in the Air-O-Steam oven remain juicy, fresh, aromatic, vitamin rich and nutritious. The dimensions of the oven also save space, because Air-o-Steam oven functions of several appliances for the preparation of hot food.


The second component of the integrated Cook & Chill system is blast-chiller air-o-chill. This frosting technology leaves the court in a low-temperature phase. Thanks to the air-o-chill system, the structure of food remains virtually unchanged after the re-cooling, just like the fresh product.

Advantages of such combined dual system for cafes, restaurants and other fast-food facilities are obvious: saving money, resources, healthy food, saving time, space, labor, reducing weight loss of products.

The Cook & Chill system (Air-o-Steam + Аir-о-chill) minimizes weight loss during thermal treatment and makes the food preparation simple, clear and safe, saving your time and money. This development is indeed unique for cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels!

Cost-saving thanks to the air-o-steam introduction

  • Less weight loss - more ready portions,
  • Healthier preparation - less fat consumption,
  • New, more efficient planning of the workflow in the kitchen,
  • Perfect food quality - from feeding to serving ready meals,
  • Highest efficiency with saving gas consumption to 20%; Minimal emission of pollutants (confirmed by GASTEC certification).

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