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Electrolux Professional AOS101ETH1 ELECTR.COMBI OVEN (T) 8 GN 1/1 LW-80MM (Code 267212, Alias 9PDD267212)

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Electrolux Professional AOS101ETH1 Produktmerkmale

Convection-steamer with a high resolution touch screen control panel (translated in 30 languages). air-o-clima: real humidity control based upon Lambda sensor for consistent results independent from the food load. With hot air cycles air-o-clima exhausts any excess humidity generated by the food. A dedicated steam generator guarantees a continuous supply of fresh steam at all times. Manual injection of water to add additional moisture in the cell.air-o-flow: fresh air is blown into the oven from the outside, after it is pre-heated it is pulled through the bi-functional fan, guaranteeing cooking evenness.air-o-clean: built-in cleaning system with four automatic pre-set cycles. Green cleaning functions can be set to save energy (skip drying function), water (reduce water consumption) and rinse aid (skip rinse aid). Three cooking modes: Manual (cooking cycle, temperature, time and advance features); Automatic - (select family and food type + 3 special cycles-LTC, proofing, regeneration); Programs (recipe selection from page with 1000 free 16-phase programs and search button). Recipes can be saved in a USB key for replication in other ovens. Automatic pre-heating and pre-cooling. Half power, half speed and pulse ventilation controls. Food probe with 6 temperature sensors (the lowest one drives the cycle). Double-glass door with book-like opening maintains a cool external temperature and incorporates a drip pan to collect excess condensation avoiding wet floors. Halogen lighting in the cooking chamber. Side panels and interior in AISI 304 stainless steel. Supplied with n.1 tray rack 1/1GN, 80mm pitch.
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Electrolux Professional AOS101ETH1 Technik

  • Marke: Electrolux Professional
  • Modell: AOS101ETH1
  • WxDxH: 898x915x1058 mm
  • Gewicht: 156 Kg
  • Alias: 9PDD267212
  • Fabrik-Modell: AOS101ETH1
  • Zolltarif-Nummer: 8419818090
  • Ursprungsland: Italy
  • Netto -Gewicht: 145,35 kg
  • Netto -Länge: 915
  • Netto -Breite: 898
  • Netto -Höhe: 1058
  • Verpackt-Gewicht: 171,00 Kg
  • Verpackt-Länge: 960 mm
  • Verpackt-Breite: 1.000 mm
  • Verpackt-Höhe: 1.270 mm
  • Seefracht-Gewicht: 0,00 Kg
  • Seefracht-Länge: 0 mm
  • Seefracht-Breite: 0 mm
  • Seefracht-Höhe: 0 mm
  • Elt.-Anschlusswert: 17 Kw
  • Spannung: 380-400 V
  • Frequenz: 50/60 Hz
  • Phase: 3N
  • Start-End Production: cancelled

Electrolux Professional AOS101ETH1 Lieferstatus