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Electrolux Professional SkyLine Pro Ovens

If you require a smart human-centered kitchen solution, it makes sense for you to pay attention to SkyLine Pro Ovens from Maran Projekt GmbH. These appliances from the top-notch producer have gained recognition worldwide for their exceptional performance.

That’s a fresh solution that boasts reduced running costs, great usability, and ergonomics. It will help you to achieve a new level of home cooking.   

Artificial intelligence of the appliances will help you to drastically optimize the cooking process and reduce your spending. With these awesome solutions, your kitchen will be stress-free, productive, and effective.

Electrolux Professional SkyLine Pro Ovens

With these ovens, you will be able to save 10% on your energy cost and run your cooking procedures in the most effective way. Built around artificial intelligence, the revolutionary new Plan-n-Save feature will make your cooking process strikingly cost-effective.   

Unbelievable green efficiency of these advanced kitchen appliances will bring you about 10% of profit. You’ll be able to save on energy, water, and chemicals. Besides this, the ovens from the reputable manufacturer come with precise humidity control and the new circulation system. 

You will have an opportunity to monitor the performance and status of your kitchen appliances by means of the Plan-n-Save function and the 10/1 GN electric triple-glass door.

Electrolux Professional SkyLine Pro Ovens Energy saving

Due to such revolutionary solutions as a triple-glass door, enhanced chamber insulation, and improved cavity design, the new ovens demonstrate the unbelievable low energy consumption. Moreover, energy usage is optimized by the high precision control system that employs up to 26 sensors.

If energy saving is your number one concern, the Plan-n-Save function will help you to reach this goal. To be exact, with this solution, you will be able to save about 10% of energy when cooking. It has become possible due to the implementation of artificial intelligence in this cutting-edge kitchen line-up.

Electrolux Professional SkyLine Pro Ovens Features

Needless to say that an ergonomic kitchen appliance can do wonders with your productivity that can be boosted by at least 25%. The 4-star ergonomics certification proves that these ovens are born to find themselves in your kitchen. The appliances meet ISO 9241-210 as well as ISO 26800 requirements.

If you purchase any of these ovens from Maran Pojekt GmbH today, you will be amazed by the following features:

  • Strain-free: You can conveniently open and shut the door even using your elbow. It’s possible due to a wing-shaped handle.
  • Error-free: The control panel at the top right can be easily accessed. It’s intuitive enough to exclude user errors.
  • Easy unloading and loading: You can do it smoothly due to the unique design of the chassis and door.

Electrolux Professional SkyLine Pro Ovens price

As for prices SkyLine Pro Ovens, they vary depending on the model. All prices are quite justified by the outstanding durability, energy efficiency, and eco-friendliness of this line-up.

For this money, you can count on the following virtues:

  • Low-temperature cooking: The so-called “maturing” process of fresh meat can be reduced to one hour from a day. Thus, you’ll diminish food weight loss by up to 50%.
  • Static Combi: This feature ensures optimal air distribution.
  • Dehydration: Zero humidity and low temperature will enable you to effectively dehydrate food, simultaneously preserving its flavor, nutritional values, and compactness.
  • Regeneration: In just seven minutes, your food can be served.

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