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Electrolux Professional Roll-in heated cabinets

Electrolux Professional Roll-in Heated Cabinets

The professional range of roll-in heated cabinets is manufactured by Electrolux Professional for all high-productivity kitchens, including hospitals, big canteens, and others. That’s because they require the highest efficiency for a regular work flow. Electrolux Professional roll-in heated cabinets are available in a variety of sizes and types to suit the needs of all modern consumers.

All high-quality units are equipped with a number of features that make them highly efficient, safe, easy-to-use, and ergonomic solutions to any professional or heavy-duty kitchen. Electrolux Professional guarantees increased durability and productivity of all heated cabinets in this range.

Electrolux Professional Roll-in Heated Cabinets

All models can be plugged directly into existing power sockets, and they’re finished in high-quality materials to ensure increased durability. Heated cabinets are designed by Electrolux Professional to operate in ambient temperatures and provide users with increased productivity.

  • Doors with a robust heated frame;
  • The best performance guaranteed at ambient temperatures;
  • Operating temperatures can be easily adjusted to perfectly suit your dairy and meat storage requirements;
  • Control panel is easy to use;
  • Digital temperature display with a few switches to regulate humidity and other settings;
  • Ventilated cooling for the best temperature distribution;
  • Automated defrosting and evaporation of defrosted water;
  • Cooling unit is easily accessible;
  • Robust stainless steel construction;

Commercial Roll-in Heated Cabinets

  • Universal and efficient shock protectors on all sides;
  • Integrated compressor to suit different operating conditions;
  • External panels and interior cells are made from stainless steel;
  • Thick insulation for long-term results and great energy savings;
  • Rounded corners to avoid dirt traps;
  • Inner side protectors to protect all internal walls;
  • Easy cleaning, use, and regular maintenance;
  • Developed and produced in certified factories;
  • Meeting the highest hygiene standards;
  • Special ventilated operational model;
  • Varying operating temperatures suitable for different professional kitchen purposes and functions;
  • Designed for the efficient storage of food products.

If you want to store foods efficiently and prolong a shelf life, start using the heated cabinets designed by Electrolux Professional. Make this sound investment and end up with great savings, thanks to low energy consumption.

Electrolux Professional Roll-in Heated Cabinets Price

Top-quality roll-in heated cabinets are distributed by Maran Projekt GmbH worldwide. All highly efficient machines are manufactured by Electrolux Professional to suit the needs of professional kitchens. Maran offers excellent equipment at affordable rates that range from €6,833 to €7,773 according to the weight, number of doors, and other unit specifications. The price you pay is a worthy investment because ergonomic and user-friendly heated cabinets literally pay for themselves over time. Order them and improve your kitchen performance.

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