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Electrolux Professional Libero Point

Libero point front cooking kitchen equipment is compact and multi-purpose. All machines are specially designed by Electrolux Professional to handle all types of electric top appliances in the libero line range. Front cooking units let you serve and cook everything fast and easily. Innovative anti-odor system is created to eliminate bad cooking odors. Better ventilation is guaranteed because of the rounded form and transparent tops. They can be used for placing cooked dishes at the same time.

Libero point is the range offered by Electrolux Professional to allow operators cook and grill in front of clients with no bad odors. Choose favorite appliances to start cooking and serving. The professional range is perfect for cooking foods with low fat content or requiring a short preparation time and precooked meals.

Electrolux Professional Libero Point Front Cooking

Libero point equipment for front cooking is the number one choice of many consumers because it comes equipped with many excellent features, including:

  • Easy adaptability to all indoor and outdoor settings and styles, from a breakfast room in the morning to a swimming pool garden during the day;
  • Adding extra neutral drawers to increase the flexibility of kitchen equipment;
  • Control panel with a digital display that is easy to use;
  • Control buttons to regulate a variable speed fan;
  • Convenient standard support for different containers to make the necessary condiments always at hand;
  • Transparent side panels to protect client from any accidental splashing during cooking;
  • The modularity of drawers allows consumers to benefit from the available space under a cooking area;
  • Efficient maintenance of foods and storing kitchen utensils, pots, and pans;
  • Innovative anti-odor system;
  • Optional front panels;
  • Optional tilting side shelf to get some extra space;
  • Improved ventilation;
  • Placing all dishes in a comfortable manner;
  • Durable metal construction that will last for a long time;
  • Easy to maintain and use;
  • Easy cleaning because of rounded corners and smooth surfaces.

Electrolux Professional Libero Point Front Cooking Prices

Interested in the libero point front cooking range? Order professional cooking equipment from Maran Projekt GmbH and benefit from reliability, fast delivery, and customer protection. Maran sets reasonable prices of all machines, and they range according to a particular type and technical specifications. No matter of your final choice, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the best-quality food preparations and durability.

Electrolux Professional Libero Point Features

Highlights of the Electrolux Professional libero point:

  • The libero point Electrolux Professional prezzo adapts to all kinds of indoor and outdoor environments.
  • The refrigerated units comes with a couple of drawers to hold ingredients fresh always and you can avail models that can hold more than 2 libero top appliances
  • Electrolux Professional libero point 3 comes equipped with Anti-odor system that reduces odors to a great extent. It also comes with front panels that are optional.
  • The libero point Electrolux Professional preis comes with a rounded transparent top to provide better ventilation and also helps in placing the dishes comfortably
  • The Electrolux Professional libero point 2 is ideal for cooking foods with less fat content or if you need to prepare foods in a short span of time
  • It comes with an excellent control panel with all the controls needed to regulate the fan. All the basic on/off, up/down buttons are included
  • Transparent side panels are provided to protect anyone from getting splashed with food items during the cooking process
  • The design of the equipments provide optimal use of the space below the cooking area. It can also be used to store pots, pans and utensils.
  • An optional tilting side shelf can be mounted on the unit to provide an extra area for placing dishes or utensils

Libero Point Refrigerated Unit

The Electrolux Professional libero point 2 with refrigerated drawers will never let you down at any point of time and you can fresh ingredients ready at any time of the day to cook your favorite recipes.

  • The equipment is completely mobile as you can move it indoor or outdoor easily
  • Drain is not required with the units
  • Comes with 2 integrated refrigerated units
  • Choose from single phase or three phase libero line appliances that can be placed on top
  • 2 integrated refrigerated drawers suitable for GN containers (standard)
  • Each drawer can be controlled independently and the temperature range varies from 0°-10°C
  • It comes with two 30 liter capacity drawers
  • Optional neutral drawers

Anti-Odor System

The libero point Electrolux Professional preis allows you to prepare food right in front of the customers with less heat emission and also provides an odorless environment. Everything is easy and quick with Electrolux Professional libero point as all you need to do is turn on the equipment, set the fan speed and Electrolux Professional libero point will take care of the rest.

  • A lot can happen in kitchens including boiling, steaming, frying and grilling and all the disturbing odors are let out with the ln integrated labyrinth filter
  • The labyrinth filter is equipped with a double filtration technology to filter the tiniest of the particles
  • The next stage of the filtering system provides air circulation into the system with the help of a carbon activated filter
  • Carbon activated filter- Carbon absorbs the steam and volatile particles generated during the cooking process. Simply wash it with warm water and dry.
  • Labyrinth filter - captures the larger particles of steam and grease thanks to the labyrinth shape.
  • Metallic fine-mesh filter - captures the smaller particles of grease thanks to its particular texture.
  • The labyrinth and metallic filters can be disassembled and washed in a dishwasher.

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