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Electrolux Professional Planetary mixers Food Preparation

Electrolux Professional offers a vast range of planetary mixers to help customers cook everything from creams to pastry doughs and mousses in an effective and simple manner. All top-quality machines are supplied with a unique scrapper and extra tools, including a whisk, paddle, and flat hook. Standard speed variation includes 10 speeds for different purposes, such as kneading, mixing, emulsifying, etc.

The complete stability of Electrolux Professional planetary mixers is guaranteed by the durable metal body and chromed-cover base. Units are suitable to cut vegetables, grind meat, grate cheese, and do other cooking things, thanks to a variety of extra and basic accessories. Enjoy the best quality and performance offered by Electrolux Professional and order planetary mixers to suit your cooking needs.

Electrolux Professional Planetary Mixers

High-quality Electrolux Professional planetary mixers offer great versatility in preparing a range of breads, doughs, mousses, and creams. Machines are perfect even for preparing quite intricate recipes once you attach extra accessories directly to a hub bowl.

  • Improved ergonomics;
  • Easy and fast cleaning operations, thanks to rounded edges;
  • Guaranteed operator safety;
  • Safety screen is easy to remove and activates lowering and raising of a bowl;
  • Mixers start only when a safety guard is fully lowered;
  • Motor stops automatically when a guard is raised;
  • No-volt release system with a speed selector button to restart a machine;
  • Complete protection of a motor against overheating and power surges;
  • Different finishes to choose from;
  • Extra tools, including a paddle, a flat hook, a reinforced whisk;
  • Sturdy and made to last for a long time;
  • Varying capacity to suit the requirements of all busy kitchens;
  • Durable stainless steel bowl with a handle;
  • Sturdy metal base guarantees perfect stability even when mixing stiff pastes and doughs;
  • For more complete machines, such accessories as a vegetable cutter and a meat mincer are available;
  • Great choice of slicing discs allows users to cook the most elaborate recipes.

Electrolux Professional planetary mixers with a spiral hook are perfect for kneading, mixing, and emulsifying.

  • Sturdy aluminum column protects a speed variator and a motor against all external agents;
  • Powerful asynchronous motor with a special frequency variator guarantees a precise adjustment of a planetary mechanism speed;
  • 1-piece alloy head consists of a transmission and planetary gears;
  • All tools rotate at varying speeds;
  • Equipped with such tools as a spiral kneading hook, whisk, and paddle;
  • Transparent safety screen kit is easy to remove for accurate cleaning;
  • Different kneading and whisking capacities;
  • Models with a mechanical speed variation are equipped with a 2-speed motor;
  • Choosing 8 different levels for every speed;
  • Durable stainless steel column with a touch-button control panel.

Electrolux Professional Planetary Mixers Benefits

10-litre planetary mixers are made to satisfy the requirements of all modern professional kitchens. They knead different types of pastry and doughs, emulsify creams, and mix sauces and meats.

  • Powerful motor with a frequency variator ensures a precise adjustment of speed;
  • Electronic speed variation allows user to accurately set all parameters;
  • Splash-proof planetary system guarantees that water doesn’t enter machines;
  • Durable stainless steel bowl;
  • Equipped with such tools as a robust paddle, sturdy whisk, and a spiral hook;
  • All accessories can rotate as varying speeds;
  • Sturdy stainless steel column protects a speed variator and a motor;
  • Height adjustable feet for extra stability;
  • Equipped with a special timer for a more precise operation;
  • User-friendly touch-button control panel to improve ergonomics and protect machines against water jets and humidity;
  • Simple movement of a safety screen lowers and raises a bowl while stopping a motor;
  • Support column protects all internal elements;
  • Easy to move around because of a wheel kit;
  • To enhance all functions, add a number of optional accessories, including vegetable cutters, puree strainers, meat mincers, and others;
  • Mixers with a mechanical speed variation comes with 8 different levels;
  • Wire-safety screen;
  • Special planetary mechanism.

20-litre professional mixers made by Electrolux Professional are important machines for all kitchens that use fresh ingredients to cook creams, pastry bases, mixtures, and mousses.

  • Sturdy steel bowl with handles that are easy to grip;
  • Touch-button control panel with improved ergonomics;
  • Protection against dust and water jets;
  • Basic tools, including a paddle, a spiral hook, and a whisk;
  • Electronic speed variation for a precise control of functions;
  • The best results because of a built-in timer;
  • Voltage-loss system with a start button to continue operations;
  • Powerful motor that automatically stops when a bowl is lowered;
  • Extra protection against power surges, failures, and overheating;
  • All tools rotate at different speeds;
  • Reliable wire safety screen protects users and allows ingredients to be added without stopping mixers.

Electrolux Professional Planetary Mixers Price

Want to use the best planetary mixers? Order highly efficient machines from Maran Projekt GmbH. It’s an official international Electrolux Professional distributor that offers many benefits, including competitive prices on all planetary mixers. Prices range according to such specifications as a capacity and mechanical speed variation. No matter which choice you make, you get the highest quality, productivity, and durability.

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