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Electrolux Professional Vacuum packers and sealers

Electrolux Professional offers a new range of kitchen appliances that provide customers with the best quality and the highest hygiene levels suitable for any professional applications.

Basically, vacuum packing is an efficient method to remove the air from packages before sealing. It’s used to remove oxygen and prolong the self-life of food products. The range includes table top vacuum packers, and they all are HACCP compliant and provide users with high efficiency.

Electrolux Professional Vacuum Packers and Sealers

  • Free standing vacuum packers;
  • Free standing vacuum packers with printers;
  • Table-top vacuum packers;
  • Table-top vacuum packers with advanced functions;
  • Table-top vacuum packers with printers;
  • Vacuum sealers;
  • free-standing vacuum packers accessories;
  • free-standing vacuum packers with printers accessories;
  • Table-top vacuum packers accessories;
  • Table-top vacuum packers with advanced functions accessories;
  • Table-top vacuum packers with printers accessories;
  • Vacuum sealers accessories.

Electrolux Professional Vacuum Packers and Sealers

  • Suitable for inert gas and pack all kinds of delicate foods;
  • Easy-to-program digital control panel that guarantees the best heat seal times and vacuum pressure;
  • The best hygiene level and easy cleaning, thanks to the rounded corners of pressure chambers;
  • Special warning lights to indicate any malfunction in a packing process and stop operations before foods are heat-sealed, thus allowing them to be further reused.

High-quality manual sealers for a hand-stretched film are designed by Electrolux Professional to provide excellent results.

  • Perfect for the wrapping and sealing of both raw and cooked foods;
  • Equipped with a hot plate in adjustable temperature levels;
  • Holding rolls of film;
  • Special button to cut a film;
  • Low noise levels produced by machines.

Freestanding vacuum packers provide increased productivity.

  • Durable stainless steel construction;
  • Domed transparent plexi-glass lid perfect for all types of food;
  • Digital control panel is easy to program;
  • Guaranteed heat sealed times and optimal vacuum pressure;
  • High hygiene levels and easy cleaning because a pressure chamber has rounded corners;
  • Easy connection to inert gas to pack delicate foods;
  • Maximum reliability;
  • Printer for all adhesive labels;
  • Asynchronous motor for a longer service life and silent operations;
  • Warning lights to indicate malfunctioning and stop the process.

Electrolux Professional Vacuum Packers and Sealers Price

Looking for the best price on vacuum packers and sealers? Maran Projekt GmbH is your ultimate answer because the company specializes in distributing the professional equipment manufactured by Electrolux Professional. You’re guaranteed to get many benefits, such as affordable rates. They range based on specific model characteristics, and consumers with any budget are sure to find a perfect machine. Maran ensures a top-notch performance, improved productivity, customer satisfaction, and long-term service life to all buyers.

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