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Electrolux Professional Hydro extractors

Electrolux Professional Hydro Extractors

The best-quality hydro extractors are designed by Electrolux Professional to provide customers with the efficient and fast drying of fabrics. There is less wear on all textiles guaranteed by the saving time in a tumble dryer. This benefit ensures savings in the form of lower energy consumption on a regular basis.

Electrolux Professional Hydro Extractors

Highly efficient units are a perfect complement to normal-pin Electrolux Professional washers. They all are fully constructed in durable stainless steel and ensure excellent extraction speed. Use Electrolux Professional hydro extractors to benefit from minimal energy consumption and high extraction capacity.

They are made to handle the effective and fast drying of all textiles. Consider the greatest benefits of top-notch machines:

  • High G-factor for the highest dewatering ability and increased drying economy;
  • Rigid mounted models with a fixed drum to be used in oil-rigs, ships, launderettes, and other professional laundry applications;
  • Suspected and durable construction for low-noise levels;
  • Efficient security devices for drum and lid rotation to increase user safety;
  • Solid stainless steel casing and inner drum to improve the robustness of machines;
  • Interchangeable voltage for increased flexibility;
  • Different choices, including CP connection and a separate chip-card reader.

Electrolux Professional manufactures all hydro extractors to be maintained in a prime condition for a long time. They are built to last and prevent untimely and expensive breakdowns. With highly efficient machines, you can benefit from reduced stress and avoided problems. Think about retaining the highest value of your investment for long years. Take advantage of reduced overall running costs while getting the best laundry results.

Top-quality hydro extractors are available in a few top-notch models, including C240R, C240, C260R, C260, and C290R. They all have similar features, but some of their distinct functions are different.

C240R hydro extractors are non-suspected and have a 38-litre drum volume.

  • Fixed drum to be used in oil-rigs, ships, launderettes, and other laundry installations;
  • High G-factor to guarantee a very high dewatering ability;
  • Fast drying times in any working environment;
  • Suspected constriction and very low noise levels;
  • Special security devices for drum and lid rotation to increase the safety of operators.

The main difference of C240 hydro extractors is that they are suspended and equipped with interchangeable voltage to improve flexibility. C260R and C290R hydro extractors have a bigger drum volume to meet the requirements of big-production outputs easily.

With high-quality hydro extractors, all users are sure to get access to multiple benefits, including faster drying times, lower energy consumption, improved productivity, and others. Choose the best solution based on personal needs.

Electrolux Professional Hydro Extractors Price

Top-quality hydro extractors are offered by Electrolux Professional for any professional laundry application. Order them from Maran Projekt GmbH, the official international distributor of this well-established brand. Prices on highly efficient machines are quite reasonable and they range from €2,919 to €8,933 according to such specifications as voltage frequency, model, language, and others. Whatever hydro extractor you choose, you’re sure to get increased productivity, excellent washing results, ergonomics, and great savings, thanks to new features.

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