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Electrolux Professional Servery Flexy Compact

Electrolux Professional manufacturer offers a wide range of Flexy Compact line designs to suit any customer need (hotel, school, university or college dining, corporate dining). The Electrolux Professional Flexy Compact series includes many modules with hundreds of colors to choose from and additional options to organize and personalize your dining room.

These lines attract with their variability. The main modules of the distribution lines are a cutlery rack, counters, food warmers for cold and hot dishes, showcases, a place for a cashier. The line modules are made entirely of stainless steel in their classical design. Therefore, they are comfortable, durable, and easy to care for.

Electrolux Professional Flexy Compact

Today, perhaps, the most important criterion by which visitors choose a particular cafe is the time of serving dishes in it. The speed of service attracts customers and makes them come back again. They want to eat tasty, fast, and inexpensive food, so the organization of the process of ordering and dispensing dishes comes to the fore. Those cafes and canteens that are equipped with distribution lines will be able to please their visitors. It is ergonomic, functional, and practical equipment for short-term storage of cooked dishes, drinks, and confectionery. Distribution lines are a set of structural elements that allow you to organize the process of self-service in the hall.

The choice of the design of the distribution line directly depends on the institution's specifics, the size of the room, the number of dishes on the menu, and the seats in the hall. Each element is a stand-alone unit that can be bought and used both as independent equipment and as a set with other equipment.

With Flexy Compact serving lines, you can create colorful and stylish, easy-to-use and maintain serving lines that will make meals in your company convenient and enjoyable. Also noteworthy is that the furniture intended for distribution in the dining room is made of high-quality materials (mainly stainless steel) and meets all hygiene standards. Therefore, it is suitable for direct contact with food and is safe for humans.

Main Features

  • Two module heights: Flexy CompactJR (75 cm) for schoolchildren and Flexy Compact (90 cm) for adults and teenagers;
  • The modules are made of stainless steel AISI 304;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Tabletop thickness is 50 mm;
  • Ease of installation;
  • Precise temperature control;
  • Minimal heat emission in the kitchen;
  • Height-adjustable feet (up to 20 mm) made of stainless steel;
  • Sealing index - IP24 X;
  • Easy access to all critical components from the front.

Electrolux Professional Flexy Compact Price

You can buy Electrolux Professional Flexy Compact equipment at a bargain price in the Maran Projekt GmbH online store. A wide range of devices will allow each customer to choose the best alternative. The equipment presented in the catalog combines a compact and stylish design with comprehensive functionality.

The company was founded in 1999 and has grown into a company providing a complete range for large professional kitchens. The advantage for all customers includes 2,000 items that are permanently in stock and can be delivered in the shortest possible time. In addition, a microprocessor-controlled conveyor system ensures that virtually all spare parts are immediately available.

Having decided to buy a distribution line for a canteen or cafe, you can optimize staff work, simplify the service process, and increase the establishment's attendance and profitability.

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