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Electrolux Professional Libero Pro Plug-in Equipment

Electrolux Professional LiberoPro Plug-in Equipment is well known in the world markets. The series is characterized by high quality, ease of operation, and reliability. Libero line belongs to the plug & play group intended for installation in small cafes and for organizing various frontal cooking shows.

Libero means "free" in Italian, and that's the essence of the new range of compact equipment. The Libero Line mobile heating line allows you to cook quickly, has a compact size, aesthetic design, and is convenient for use in any condition. It makes it possible to prepare full-fledged culinary dishes without complex preparations.

Electrolux Professional LiberoPro Plug-in Equipment

Electrolux Professional is one of the world's leading professional kitchen and laundry equipment manufacturers. The company has 12 production facilities in 7 countries, sales of equipment are carried out in more than 110 countries.

Years of experience, innovation, and customer focus have placed Electrolux Professional at the forefront of designing and delivering complete food service and laundry solutions that deliver high performance and the lowest operating costs. As a result, Electrolux Professional is one of the few manufacturers in the world that can offer to equip a professional kitchen with equipment of one brand.

The LiberoPro series of compact equipment includes induction cookers and woks (tabletop and built-in) and contact frying stoves (tabletop), Mini-Combi mini-combi oven, and LiberoPro Point visual cooking counters with a built-in filter hood. Thermal units are represented by single-phase and three-phase versions of various capacities.

LiberoPro equipment is designed for continuous operation for 8 hours. The Plug & Play solution means that the equipment can be installed anywhere, plugged in, and started working - indoors or outdoors.

Main Features

  • High power level when cooking in large pans, maximum precision when cooking in small pans;
  • Elegant design and the ability to integrate built-in models into existing furniture or distribution lines;
  • Speed and flexibility with induction heating system and intelligent electronic control;
  • Possibility to cook delicious and demanding dishes (e.g., caramel or melted chocolate) in small pans (minimum pan diameter 120 mm);
  • Ability to adjust the power level and use the timer;
  • The alert function informs about the high surface temperature and helps to avoid burns;
  • The lock function prevents accidental changes to settings while the hob is in operation;
  • Cleaning function, which raises the temperature of the plate up to 180 °C;
  • Built-in high-tech ventilation system that removes odors that occur during cooking;
  • 3-stage filtration system;
  • A wide range of additional accessories: drawer combinations, folding side shelves, various sets of GN containers.

Electrolux Professional LiberoPro Plug-in Equipment Price

You can purchase Electrolux Professional LiberoPro Plug-in Equipment in the online store of the official dealer Maran Projekt GmbH for a favorable price.

The company offers an integrated approach and takes care of any issues related to the opening and equipping of restaurant business enterprises: from the creation and approval of the project to its turnkey delivery.

Consultations of the company's specialists and a wide range of equipment will help you choose equipment and prepare a project for your institution, considering the planning features, the direction of technological flows, existing communications, wishes for the price, and set of equipment.

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