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Electrolux Professional Servery Flexy Drop-In

Electrolux Professional is a brand specializing in the manufacture of stylish appliances for restaurants and cafes. Electrolux Professional Servery Flexy Drop-In looks like a full-fledged piece of furniture in establishments with a distribution line. Traditionally, they are made of stainless steel, and the countertop is decorated with granite.

Electrolux Professional offers only high-quality table equipment: for canteens and restaurants, for cafes and bars, for street trade. Making the most exquisite dishes in the kitchen with Electrolux Professional canteen and restaurant equipment is a real pleasure for professionals.

Electrolux Professional Servery Flexy Drop-In

Not many people understand the role and importance of air conditioning and ventilation in a professional kitchen. Meanwhile, in housing devoid of these attributes, permanent residence of people is physically impossible due to the lack of air circulation. And if in kitchen buildings the obligation to provide all the residential systems necessary for the house is assigned to public utilities, then the owners of their own houses and cottages have to take care of ventilation and air conditioning on their own. That is why it is highly recommended to use Electrolux Professional Servery Flexy Drop-In.

Main Features

  • Switch box control.
  • Rounded front glass.
  • Maximum versatility, thoughtful ergonomics, and service availability.
  • Removable baffle.
  • Water supply with solenoid valve.
  • Products comply with hygiene and safety requirements.
  • CE Compliance.
  • Sample: material complies with European food regulations.
  • Descent through the drain pipe.
  • Simple control.
  • Convenient cleaning.
  • Built-in water supply and discharge system.
  • Thermal proofing cabinet.
  • Supply of spare parts for the entire period of use.
  • Drop-in bain-marie.
  • Air ventilated.

Electrolux Professional Servery Flexy Drop-In Price

Most of the new materials and prefabricated structures introduced into the field of construction and decoration almost completely eliminate the free movement of air. The tightness provided by Electrolux Professional Servery Flexy Drop-In, along with the pluses, brought a significant minus - a violation of the ventilation processes. All those aspects can be checked on Maran Projekt GmbH for the most affordable price. Maran Projekt GmbH will help you choose any equipment - both kitchen and commercial for shops or fast food outlets. That site advises on professional equipment - professionally and politely.

Electrolux Professional has been working in the catering industry for many years and offers a comprehensive supply of all types of catering establishments. It also offers high-quality outdoor equipment. Every professional chef and manager knows that the technique you work with is more than important. However, if you do not need the production volumes of semi-finished products by restaurant standards, you may well choose household appliances for the kitchen in the catalog. There are for you and household vegetable cutters, mixers, blenders, stoves, ovens, and work surfaces.

Electrolux Professional has been working in the market of professional kitchen equipment for more than 25 years. The company produces thermal modular equipment, steam convection ovens, dishwashers, distribution lines, refrigerated cabinets, quick freezers, and neutral equipment. Electrolux Professional manufactures thermal modular equipment, steam convection ovens, dishwashers, distribution lines, mechanical equipment, refrigeration and freezing equipment, mechanical equipment. Electrolux Professional offers a wide range of professional equipment for cafes, bars, and restaurants.

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