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Electrolux Professional Blast Chillers and Freezers

Crosswise blast chillers and freezers are designed by Electrolux Professional to optimize the workflow of professional kitchens. They increase the shelf life of any food while reducing a possible waste. Innovative machines are manufactured to complete the integrated and innovative cook and chill process.

Electrolux Professional blast chillers and freezers crosswise implicate the fast reduction of cooked food temperature. The high-quality range consists of:

  • Blast chillers and freezers crosswise 10GN 1/1;
  • Blast chillers and freezers crosswise 10GN 2/1;
  • Blast chillers and freezers crosswise 20GN 1/1;
  • Blast chillers and freezers crosswise 6GN 1/1.

Electrolux Professional Blast Chillers and Freezers Crosswise

Blast chillers and freezers crosswise offer a top performance and absolute simplicity to face any extreme kitchen workload. You can choose a specific cycle to respect all product requirements.

  • A great freezing and chilling selection, including positive or freeze holding, hard or soft chilling, shock freezing;
  • Central selector arrows to easily adjust a core temperature, time, cycle, and advanced functions;
  • Different advanced functions, including UV sterilizing, core probe selector, manual start for a defrost function, operation alarm and HACCP recall, and others;
  • Advanced settings and cruise cycle;
  • Programs and turbo cooling are customizable;
  • Possibility to replace ice-cream cycles through software;
  • Real-time self-diagnostic;
  • Core and chamber temperature valves and malfunction alarms;
  • Excellent load capacity;
  • All major components are made from durable stainless steel;
  • Internal corners and drain are rounded;
  • Automated detection of a food probe insertion;
  • Integrated refrigeration unit;
  • Both manual and automated defrost;
  • Blast chilling residual time estimation function;
  • Specific ice-cream cycles;
  • Turbo cooling function;
  • Special evaporator with efficient anticorrosion protection;
  • Suitable for ambient temperature levels;
  • Service and HACCP alarms with data logging;
  • Digital time and temperature display;
  • Highly efficient insulation;
  • Holding for freezing and chilling is automatically activated at the end of every cycle to cut down energy costs and maintain the necessary temperature;

Blast Chillers and Freezers Crosswise Advantages

  • High-quality chiller is designed to work continuously at the right temperature level, perfect for ongoing production;
  • 2 customizable cycles for every operating mode to let operators set the right air temperature and time;
  • Control unit with 2 large displays to read out such settings as a core temperature, time, alarms, cycle countdown, and service information;
  • All customizable programs can be easily converted into ice-cream special cycles;
  • Any details linked to different operating modes are recorded, including a cycle, date, time, HACCP accordance, and others;
  • Probe-driven cycles have a unique feature to make any planning of activities simpler;
  • Single sensor core probe;
  • Durable and long-lasting stainless steel construction;
  • High-density, thick, and HCFC-free insulation;
  • Magnetic heated gaskets are easy to remove;
  • Seamless hygienic inner cells has rounded corners for simplified regular cleaning;
  • Ventilator swinging hinged panel for easy access to an evaporator for regular cleaning;
  • Swing hinged front panel for easy service access to all major components;
  • No water connection required for a unit installation;
  • Possibility to plumb waste water into a brain or collect it in the optional waste container based on the needs of operators;
  • Easy to use and maintain.

Electrolux Professional Blast Chillers and Freezers Crosswise Price

When shopping for the best-quality blast chillers and freezers, turn to reliable providers, such as Maran Projekt GmbH. The company specializes in distributing the professional kitchen equipment manufactured by Electrolux Professional. You can buy highly efficient blast chillers and freezers at competitive rates. Prices are affordable and range based on a particular model and tech specifications. No matter of your final choice, you’re guaranteed to get an outstanding performance and improved cooking results without overpaying.

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