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Electrolux Professional Multi purpose peeling machines

The highly efficient multi purpose peeling machines designed by Electrolux Professional are available in different models, both freestanding and table top. They all function continuously to provide users with excellent productivity. Professional machines come equipped with special hoppers suitable for long and large vegetables and other food products to fit any customer needs.

Top-quality Electrolux Professional multi purpose peeling machines meet the necessary requirements in cutting while guaranteeing outstanding performance, high productivity, extreme sturdiness, and other benefits.

Electrolux Professional Multi Purpose Peeling Machines

The professional range of multi purpose peelers manufactured by Electrolux Professional consists of different models. Each one has certain specifications to be considered by consumers. Excellent peelers are ready to solve any customer problem by efficiently removing not only potato peels, but also peeling many other veggies and cleaning shellfish.

The T5S line of peeling machines has the following features:

  • Top-quality stainless steel finish to ensure a long service life;
  • Very simple control with a few buttons and a special timer;
  • Ergonomic handles and outlets to facilitate the collection of food products after peeling;
  • No risks, thanks to a safety interlock that turns off a motor when the outlet or cover is opened;
  • Optimal performance and capacity;
  • Lids are easy to remove and dishwasher-safe;
  • Transparent cover allows users to check vegetables during operations;
  • Knife and washing plates;
  • Stainless steel filter table;
  • Rotating plate is easy to remove and covered with some abrasive lava-stone material to ensure increased durability;
  • Asynchronous motor for low noise levels;
  • Transparent lids with a spray gun;
  • Stainless steel filter is easy to remove;
  • Suitable for satisfying the needs of medium and small size restaurants;
  • Suitable for cleaning shellfish;
  • Very versatile, thanks to an optional drying basket for spin drying and washing herbs, salads, and other leafy vegetables;
  • Users can observe all peeling processes without stopping machines;
  • Strong rubber feet to ensure stability while operating;
  • Handle is connected to a water supply and can be used for cleaning operations;
  • Stainless steel peeling chamber is easy to remove;
  • The highest level of hygiene is guaranteed;
  • Special kit with a cylinder and an abrasive plate is optional.

Electrolux Professional Multi Purpose Peeling Advantages

The T5E/T8E range of peeling machines can be used for multiple functions, including scrubbing, washing, drying, and peeling because of a variety of optional accessories. Units are perfect for catering establishments and restaurants.

  • Door with the constant pressure control system to evacuate vegetables safely;
  • Top-quality peeled vegetables with almost no waste, thanks to a durable material that covers a rotating plate;
  • Waterproof touch-button control panel is easy to use and have a programmable timer;
  • Increased safety because a motor stops if a door is opened while operating;
  • Asynchronous motor to a longer service life and low noise level;
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction;
  • Improved flexibility;
  • Extra accessories, including a drying basket, cylinder, abrasive plate, and others.

Electrolux Professional Multi Purpose Peeling Machines Price

Maran Projekt GmbH distributes the multi purpose peeling machines manufactured by Electrolux Professional. You can get them at quite reasonable prices that range according to a particular model and specifications. Maran provides all consumers with multiple benefits, including customer protection, complete satisfaction, fast delivery, and others. Order any peeling machine that you like and benefit from its high efficiency.

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