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Electrolux Professional Slicers

The extensive range of Electrolux Professional slicers is designed to provide consumers with sleek and stylish preparations. All machines guarantee the highest hygiene levels and quality. They’re suitable for any professional modern kitchen because of improved ergonomics and design. Slicing units are equipped with a special safety device to avoid any possible access to blades, especially while cleaning them. The Electrolux Professional range consists of:

  • Gravity food slicers;
  • Bread slicers;
  • Vertical food slicers.

Electrolux Professional Slicers

Professional slicing machines offer the highest production quality, which means the improved performance over time. Electrolux Professional guarantees high quality and technological standards, product development, and customer-focused design. The range of slicers keeps satisfying even the most demanding consumers.

Top-quality machines offer faster results to guarantee the necessary quantity and efficiency. The extensive Electrolux Professional range of slicers provides consumers with rational and effective solutions to slicing issues in the modern kitchen. Machines are ideal for slicing salamis, raw meats, and pressed meats because of ranging blade diameters.

  • Forged steel versatile and durable construction;
  • Suitable for preparing rectangular, round, and square slices;
  • Gravity and vertical slicing machines based on customer needs and product types;
  • Gear transmission for all heavy-duty operations;
  • Poly-V belt-driven system for regular daily use;
  • Ventilated blade-driven motor is created for continuous use;
  • Easy cleaning because such elements as a product deflector, cover blade, and a carriage system are easy to remove;
  • Equipped with a special tightening arm;
  • Increased safety, thanks to a gauge plate interlock;
  • Blade sharpeners is easy to use and remove;
  • Permanently-mounted blade guard ring to protect from cutting blades while cleaning or using;
  • Fast performance to make your culinary creativity simpler;
  • Precise cutting ensured by the pulse function;
  • Easy loading of large and large vegetables with durable stainless steel hoppers;
  • Ergonomic design to make all front-loading operations effortless, thanks to an inclined base;
  • Extreme sturdiness;

Electrolux Professional Slicers Benefits

  • Improved productivity;
  • Meeting all customer needs;
  • Ergonomic and waterproof control panel;
  • Long service life and silent operation for all heavy-duty tasks, thanks to a compact and powerful induction motor;
  • Multiple shapes for original food presentations;
  • Superior slicing guarantees the precise cutting of soft and hard food products;
  • Excellent hygiene levels for all dishwasher-friendly elements;
  • Safe storage of slicing discs ensured by a wall-mounted disc holder;
  • Different cutting styles to choose from, including grating, wave cuts, slicing, dicing, and others;
  • All operations are made easier by the best ergonomic design;
  • Suitable to work with increased flexibility for complete serving solutions;
  • Sturdy and durable construction;
  • Easy to use, clean, and maintain;
  • A variety of optional accessories;
  • Some models can be easily turned into a food emulsifier or processor in a few seconds.

The best-quality slicing machines crafted by Electrolux Professional are your ultimate food cutting solutions.

Electrolux Professional Slicers Price

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