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Restaurant Equipment


We speak English and German. We ship worldwide from Hamburg, Germany.

We offer professional restaurant equipment for the kitchen of restaurant, bar or cafe from world leading manufacturer Electrolux Professional.

We deliver the equipment on regular basis to any place within Germany and upon request Europewide and overseas.

As an authorized Electrolux Professional dealer, we assit you in projecting, layout and complete “turn-key” solution for your professional kitchen.

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Turnkey Restaurant Facilities: Advantageous Method

MARAN Projekt GmbH offers for its customers a turn-key dining facility solution.

Furnituring of a new restaurant is a professional task, the equipment layout and time-schedule, in which all aspects (e.g. kitchen flow, labor costs, energy consumption, etc.) are to be taken into consideration. Properly selected capacity of equipment, useful options and accessories, possibility of manual or automatic controsl provide optimum operations in the kitchen.

Project based on purchase of single units will never ensure the requested level of efficiency while the complete uniform solution not only secures the performance and reliability of the equipment during the peak loads, but saves a lot on your investments.

We agree with the choice of the best Chefs and offer Electrolux Professional equipment – solid proof in professional kitchen.The wide choice on food service equipment from MARAN Project GmbH an authorized dealer.

Equipment in Hamburg, Germany, Austria and Switzerland and Worldwide:

We speak English and German. We ship worldwide from Hamburg, Germany.

+49 (0) 40 22 94 19 20 (Mo-Fr 8.00-17.00)


Luebecker Str.1, Hamburg, 22087, Germany

Benefits of Electrolux Professional Restaurants Equipment

Properly selected commercial equipment is the guarantee for the success of the restaurant. And a special attention has to be given to the food service equipment and to the commercial kitchen equipment in the restaurant. Equipment for Restaurant including professional kitchen equipment should correspond to all food-regulations and safety standards.

The required equipment for the restaurant can be quite expensive, so it is very important to select and choose only the most indispensable catering equipment. Turn-key solution shall include all necessary and most diverse cooking equipment that will have different parameters and characteristics, performance and other values. The unic taste, fine aroma and tempting appearance of ready meals will fully depend on that.

Commercial restaurant equipment is not only a means for food preparation and storage: it provides a comfortable and secure working conditions and leads to a number of new cooking creations. Thanks to the increased functionality, modern design and a variety of additional features, Electrolux Professional equipment is a greate help in your restaurant.

Auxilliary Equipment and Services

Beside basic equipment for the restaurant (stoves, boiling pans and fryers, refrigeration etc.), stainless steel furniture that facilitates the workflow properly, as well as storage and servery units (shelves, trolleys, etc.) are not less important.

As supplier with several years of experience in commercial food service equipment for the restaurant we recommend our clients the most safe, functional and affordable restaurant equipment for sale and turnkey solutions. More information, description and technical data can be requested via our email and hotline.

You can buy restaurant equipment in our web-shop and we deliver it to your place in Germany, Europe and worldwide. You want to start a restaurant? The equipment you need is here!

Electrolux Professional restaurant equipment

Innovations will always stay the main driving force of Electrolux Professional, a well-established company with a long history. It’s famous for designing and manufacturing high-quality and innovative professional restaurant equipment. It’s distributed to many parts of the world by Maran Projekt GmbH, its official international distributor.

Why consumers choose Electrolux Professional

Electrolux Professional is the only company that manufactures commercial kitchen appliances that offer excellent food service equipment. That’s why it has a strong position with highly efficient products and a global service network. This brand is widely recognized as a market leader for complete restaurant installations in different regions because it keeps launching high-performing and intelligently designed industrial restaurant equipment. The range of Electrolux Professional products is popular because they keep serving as a great example of competence from professional operations. This brand is well-known for such highly efficient lines as:

  • air-o-convect;
  • air-o-steam;
  • Cook and Chills systems;
  • Air-o-chill;
  • Thermaline and others.

Different ways to interpret the cooking art

There are many ways how Electrolux Professional restaurant equipment helps users interpret the art of cooking. Pay attention to air-o-steam, Touchline, and air-o-convect professional lines because they have the following benefits transferred to any restaurant:

  • Humidity control in different settings;
  • Efficient air circulation system;
  • Temperature probe sensors;
  • Automated cleaning systems;
  • Green features;
  • Programmed automatic cooking;
  • Food safe control;
  • Frying griddle.

Cook and Chill products designed by Electrolux Professional and shipped by Maran Projekt GmbH globally are perfect for customers who want to cook only top-quality meals, which is important for any restaurant owner. Buy professional restaurant equipment inc online because it can help you save a lot of money and time. It comes with different accessories and mobile racks, fully compatible between blast chillers and ovens, thus making all handling operations easy and fast.

Cruise cycle benefits

This cycle created by Electrolux Professional automatically controls the entire chilling process based on the size and type of your food load. It also terminates this process within specific limits to preserve the quality of food with no burns. This system is easy to use because all you need to do is to press and go. Chilling is controlled automatically, and this means that operators don’t need to bother. It guarantees a high quality of food because the system automatically adapts to its type and helps users save their time. This equipment is designed for restaurants of all kinds because it’s easy to use.

Electrolux Professional designs the largest capacity freezers and blast chillers on the modern market in addition to a complete choice of sizes to fit any professional kitchen. Why invest money in Electrolux Professional restaurant equipment UK? It can help you better organize a workflow of any commercial kitchen. That’s because food can be cooked during less busy periods, its longer conservation is guarantees, so you can use it when needed to provide your customers with the best services. Electrolux Professional commercial kitchen solutions allow users save money and time, chill and cook, regenerate and hold.

High speed cooking

Nowadays, any quick service restaurant must serve a lot of food regularly. The high speed cooking equipment designed by Electrolux Professional enables users to save money because of reduced energy consumption compared to other solutions. It’s an ingenious system for serving all kinds of snacks because you can serve fine meals with record speed. Electrolux Professional offers only the best in terms of money, quality, and time. This equipment enables users to upgrade, track, and share a variety of cooking menus, monitor any warnings. Don’t forget about a complete range of consumables and accessories.

Other efficient Electrolux Professional solutions for restaurants

The unique energy saving mode is great for the environment and customers. Electrolux Professional equipment for restaurants offers the best combination of different cooking technologies, such as infrared radiation, contact plates, and microwaves. What are other professional cooking units distributed by Maran Projekt GmbH?

Vegetable cutters allow users to produce different cut types for the stylish, efficient, and imaginative presentation of salads and other menu meals. Electrolux Professional manufactures a full range of special vertical cutter mixers to make it simple to chop, mince, process, and mix in a matter of several moments. Handheld mixers are light and powerful enough to make such processes as stirring, mixing, and blending effortless. Users can change all attachments and adjust speeds easily and safely.

Spin dryers and vegetable washers produced by Electrolux Professional deliver functionality, efficiency, and hygiene, and that’s why these units are important for any commercial kitchen. Vegetable slicers and peelers make it easy and fast to slice vegetables and fruits. They come with outstanding durability and productivity. All of these commercial kitchen solutions prove that Electrolux Professional designed the equipment that makes any food preparation simple, safe, and effective.

Electrolux Professional restaurant equipment price

Maran Projekt GmbH is the authorized dealer of Electrolux Professional equipment for restaurants. Consumers can order any cooking, refrigeration, and other units with their delivery to any part of the world because Maran Projekt GmbH is an official international Electrolux Professional supplier.

It sets reasonable restaurant equipment price that can fit any budget, and they range based on different factors, such as equipment type, weight, power, and others. Prices exclude all kinds of taxes and shipping costs, and they’re very competitive. Make your sound investment and get the most effective solution for professional restaurant kitchens.