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Electrolux Professional Meat Mincers

The best-quality meat mincers manufactured by Electrolux Professional are a perfect fit to any size of modern kitchens. Users can mince meat and grate bread, nuts, and cheese effortlessly and fast, thanks to different basic and optional accessories. The stainless steel body is made durable to improve reliability and strength. Choose and use Electrolux Professional meat mincers to mince meat effectively and cook different dishes perfectly.

All machines are powered by a power motor with solid stainless steel blades and other features that make them handy and efficient kitchen appliances. Meat mincers are equipped with a self-ventilated double-speed motor with a 24-volt control. The motor is protected from any accidental overloading by a thermal cut-out device, thus offering extra safety and functionality.

Electrolux Professional Meat Mincers

What makes professional meat mincers the best choice? The increased functionality is guaranteed by:

  • Durable stainless steel construction;
  • Strong die-cast aluminum body;
  • Protection grill beneath a grating cylinder to avoid any accidental contact;
  • Micro-switch on a handle to prevent any injuries and increase safety;
  • Removable grinding unit for simple cleaning;
  • Stainless steel collection container;
  • Solid steel rollers;
  • Easy use and maintenance;
  • Reliable service for a long time;
  • Solid and durable framing;
  • Easy cleaning, thanks to rounded corners and smooth surfaces;
  • Suitable for grating cheese, bread, and nuts;
  • Reliable stainless steel elements, such as chopper end, collecting container, feed pan, self-sharpening knife, and plate;
  • Helical oil bath gear motor is protected by a special thermal fuse;
  • Extra accessories, like a funnel, a mincing unit, and a connection container.

Do you know how to transport Electrolux Professional meat mincers into highly efficient multi-purpose machines to grate potatoes, prepare raw salads, and process bouled vegetables within several minutes? Everything is very simple with Electrolux Professional kitchen equipment. All you need to do is attaching a special shredder.

Electrolux Professional Meat Mincers Benefits

A unique drum for pulping is used to process vegetables and fruits into a pulp. Use this top-quality drum to prepare nutritious and fresh vegetable or fruit purees for all sophisticated customers. Efficient equipment also facilitates the process of cooking different jams and simile dishes. Use this indispensable tool to grate potatoes for favorite potato cakes.

The fine grating drums made by Electrolux Professional are perfect when making raw vegetable salads. Now, the preparation of horseradish, beetroot, carrot, leek, apple, and other salads takes less time, thanks to professional equipment. With high-quality fine grating drums, you don’t have to buy ready-made salads. Feel free to serve perfectly-made food.

Electrolux Professional slicing drums are used by consumers to slice hard fruits and vegetables. Professional machines are ideal for cutting different vegetables for salads, soups, boiled eggs, carrots, celeriac, parsnips, and others.

Attach all of these units onto highly efficient meat mincers to prepare a range of excellent dishes in a fast manner. Electrolux Professional offers everything you need to serve even the most demanding customers in the best way.

Electrolux Professional Meat Mincers Price

Want to find the best place to order meat mincers? Choose Maran Projekt GmbH because it sets competitive prices on professional Electrolux Professional equipment. Maran is the official Electrolux Professional distributor that guarantees outstanding functionality, performance, and efficiency. Prices on meat mincers vary according to types and specifications, but they can fit the budget of any consumer. Buy what you need from Maran and enjoy savings.

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