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Electrolux Professional Side Load Washers

Electrolux Professional is a reliable washing partner of any professional laundry because it guarantees excellence in results, performance, and hygiene. With top-quality side load washers manufactured by Electrolux Professional, you’re provided with trouble-free operation and durability.

The professional range of side load washers consists of:

  • New Evolution 180-350 litres machines;
  • Evolution 250-650 litres G4000 washers;
  • Pullman 700-1100 litres G4000 units.

Electrolux Professional Side Load Washers

They all are designed to last for many cycles because of a unique heavy-duty construction. Electrolux Professional side load washers feature the power balance, a special unbalance-detection system to guarantee optimized extraction. Besides, less stress of washing machines ensures higher reliability and improved laundry results.

Electrolux Professional side load washers offer an outstanding performance, thanks to a range of innovative features and functions.

  • Improved ergonomics of operations;
  • Intuitive interface that makes machines both easily customizable and flexible;
  • Being safe and easy to operate, thanks to a convenient door opening and automated inner drum positioning;
  • The highest hygiene levels monitoring and control are maintained during the entire process due to the advanced Certus management information system;
  • Increased productivity because of optimized programs that save both energy and time compared to other machines available in the market;
  • Reduced running costs are guaranteed by Electrolux Professional side load washers;
  • Optimized drum design to decrease a dead volume while saving water regularly;
  • Special and highly efficient dosing system to adjust the necessary detergent quantity based on the actual load automatically;
  • Providing the best performance and economy;
  • Amazing environmental friendliness;
  • Different consumables and accessories are available.

Electrolux Professional Laundry Side Load Washers Features and Benefits

The advanced Evolution range of washers manufactured by Electrolux Professional offers unique features and benefits to all operators.

  • External doors have a convenient opening and vertical hinges while being reversible and easy to handle;
  • Pass-through design to provide the best ergonomics in all professional installations;
  • Automated drug positioning and locking for unloading and loading operations to offer increases safety and improved ergonomics;
  • Unique Compass Pro controller has a user-friendly interface to make your life easier;
  • Equipped with 15 customized and 40 factory washing programs;
  • Large inner drum doors to make all operations easy and fast;
  • Compatibility with different detergent signals and stand the most complex washing programs chosen by operators;
  • Power Balance to guarantee the best extraction, no matter of present loading conditions;
  • Suspected construction to allow the most efficient extraction and end up with energy savings during a drying process;
  • Simple program customization through special Electrolux Professional software;
  • Innovative lifters for improved washing results;
  • End-of-cycle alarms to provide operators with updated information;
  • 4-compartment soap box to use all kinds of powder and liquid detergents;
  • Double display for better handling of the entire process;
  • Robust stainless steel body that withstands any aggressive environment;
  • Water inlet valve to use soft water;
  • Built-in weighing system to improve all loading tasks;
  • Automated inner drum door opening for fast and effortless washing operations.

Electrolux Professional Laundry Side Load Washers Advantages

Electrolux Professional launches the new Evolution range of washers to ensure the highest level of ergonomics and hygiene. High-quality machines provide all professional operators with the best washing solution and user-friendly technology. Efficient and reliable washing machines help users get a full control of a laundry quality, hygiene, and maintenance while improving safety, cost, and labor effectiveness.

The Pullman range of washing machines is resulted by the longstanding experience of Electrolux Professional. They are designed to improve the efficiency of laundry operations while minimizing running costs and meeting all customer needs. Washers are cost-saving and state-of-art solutions with unrivalled designs.

Hygiene is a top priority for Electrolux Professional when manufacturing high-quality machines. They all are created to meet the highest hygienic standards and provide users with guaranteed laundry safety and ultimate management control. For example, the unique hygiene watchdog technology guarantees 100% fulfillment of linen hygiene and RABC requirements.

The new range of highly efficient washers is crafted by Electrolux Professional to improve safety, labor effectiveness, performance, and ergonomics of all washing operations. Customers are provided with optimal working units with innovative reversible doors and enhanced lifetime. Don’t forget about the incredible sustainability to washing machines proven by the highest customer rankings.

Electrolux Professional Side Load Washers Price

Maran Projekt GmbH is the reliable company that specializes in distributing the professional laundry solutions designed by Electrolux Professional. Order top-quality side load washers from Maran at quite reasonable rates and get access to other great benefits. Prices on professional machines vary based on a particular type and tech specialists. Whatever Electrolux Professional side load washer you choose, you’re guaranteed to increase the productivity of your laundry. Your customer protection, privacy, and satisfaction are guaranteed by Maran policies.

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