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Electrolux Professional Pot&Pan washers

Pot and pan washers designed by Electrolux Professional are perfect solutions for demanding consumers shopping for high performing and efficient machines. Professional washers are perfect for cleaning all kinds of pots, kitchen utensils, pans, bakery and bitchery trays, and containers.  They provide users with the best results in washing and sanitation. Machines are also very ergonomic and flexible to operate. Electrolux Professional promises a reliable and excellent washing operation with low running expenses. Top-quality pot and pan washers guarantee superior rinsing and washing performance with complete detergent removal. The ergonomic design offers excellence and simplified working environment to all operators. All machines have a guaranteed constant rinsing temperature to fulfill the strictest safety requirements and ensure improved hygiene.

Electrolux Professional Pot&Pan Washers

Electrolux Professional pot&pan washers set the right standards in the industry. Machines offer outstanding functionality and excellent performance in addition to:

  • Improved sanitization and a high level of hygiene;
  • Constant temperature of rinsing;
  • Rinse water pressure optimized, no matter of the mains network;
  • State-of-art electronics;
  • Boiler drain down facility;
  • Incredible flexibility;
  • HACCP electronic display of precise rinse and wash water temperatures;
  • On-site personalization of rinsing and washing cycle periods;
  • Soft-touch and low-voltage control panel;
  • On-site conversion of electrical voltages;
  • Pre-arrangement to accept external and internal dosing equipment;
  • Fast-fit external connection box;
  • Improved ergonomics;
  • Powerful wash pumps to guarantee clean pans, pots, containers, and other kitchen utensils;
  • Adjustable wash water pressure;
  • Removable 3-sided wash arms for all-round washing;
  • Fast initial warming times;
  • Amazing reliability;
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel components;
  • Auto-diagnostic electronic control;
  • IPX5 insulation;
  • Sound deadening protection;
  • Push-button automatic hood lifting door;
  • Front loading drop-down split or counterbalance doors;
  • Visual and audible messages;
  • Increased safety;
  • Solenoid valve to let water enter machines and be closed during rinsing;
  • Waiting device to ensure that rinsing begins only when water has the right temperature;
  • Constant rinsing conditions;
  • Low running costs and energy savings;
  • High pressure for excellent sanitation;
  • Independent from external water pressure because strong pressure is created to remove detergents from all items;
  • Electronics offer notable benefits to all users;
  • Atmospheric boiler that provides a lot of hot water at constant temperatures;
  • Air-break guarantees protection of mains water and compliance with all hygiene regulations;
  • Rinsing arms spray water at different angles to remove detergent remains;
  • Internal washing area with no pipes and round corners for easy cleaning;
  • Fully automatic self-cleaning with hot water after each use;
  • Electronic control panel prearranged for HACCP monitoring devices;
  • Tried and tested rinsing system;
  • Adjustable feet;
  • Enclosed rare of machines;
  • Infinite cycle for continuous washing;
  • High level of all components;
  • Doo handles are designed to be grabbed for all positions.

Electrolux Professional Pot&Pan Washers Price

Pot and pan washers designed by Electrolux Professional are officially distributed by Maran Projekt GmbH. It’s a reputable international supplier with many positive customer feedbacks. Maran sets reasonable prices on Electrolux Professional washers. They vary according to a particular model and different specifications, including dimensions and functionality. Whatever unit you choose, you’ll enjoy excellent ergonomics, reliability, and efficiency.

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