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Electrolux Professional Libero Line Plug-in equipment

The libero line snack equipment offers an innovative and ultimate cooking concept. Electrolux Professional reaches the most sophisticated and unique customers with the range of top-quality machines that allow them to serve everyone and everywhere.

There are different machines in the innovative Electrolux Professional range, including:

  • Induction cook tops;
  • Griddles;
  • Induction woks;
  • Panini grilles;
  • Mini combi ovens.

Electrolux Professional Libero Line Plug-In Equipment

Top-quality griddles allow you to serve consumers very fast because they heat up in about 15 minutes. The right level of working temperatures is kept steady to grill and cook foods evenly. Users can remove any food residue easily because of a special cleaning device.

Electrolux Professional mini combi ovens are a perfect fit even for small spaces. They offer everything you need for baking, steaming, grilling, and roasting. Ovens are compact, easy to use and disassemble for regular cleaning. Any special water connection isn’t required.

Induction woks are designed by Electrolux Professional to maximize your energy efficiency because machines are equipped with the automated pan detection to transfer power only to available pans. There’s no heat emission into the surroundings because it’s directed onto magnetic induction pans.

Use induction cook tops to save on running costs because they use up to 60% less energy. The fast heat up induction times allow you to serve dishes within several minutes. Rounded corners and smooth surfaces make all cleaning tasks easy and fast. All units are protected from corrosion.

Electrolux Professional Libero Line Plug-In Equipment Features

  • Casual dining can prepare an extraordinary range of original recipes from starters and appetizers to desserts and entrees;
  • Gourmet buffets can serve multiple customers with top-quality food in minimal time;
  • Hospitality establishments can cook a range of dishes to clients to provide them with a perfect start of the day;
  • Bars and cafes can cook quick dishes for people on-the-go, from standard sandwiches to sit-down meals;
  • Outdoor dining is ultimate in front of customers and adapts to many styles and surroundings.

Electrolux Professional Libero Line Plug-In Equipment Price

Maran Projekt GmbH is the official international distributor of Electrolux Professional. The company offers libero line snack equipment at competitive rates that range based on a particular machine and its specifications. Order any unit you like from Maran and get access to many benefits, including time and money savings, improved kitchen functionality, high efficiency, and others. The libero line range is everything you need!

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