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Electrolux Professional Thawing cabinets

Electrolux Professional Thawing Cabinets fully comply with the HACCP standard due to the presence of temperature control, visual display of the temperature regime and the alarm system.

Uniform distribution of air flow by means of lateral air channels ensures uniform defrosting of single load products.

The temperature display shows the dynamics of temperature changes, which makes it possible to regularly monitor the workflow.

The electronic control system automatically switches the unit from the defrost mode to the storage mode, in order to prevent the bacteria from multiplying.

Thawing is the process of getting the frozen food get warmer to an optimum temperature ready for cooking. Thawing food manually may take a lot of time and that is reason Electrolux Professional thawing cabinet may let you defrost quickly and properly. All Electrolux Professional products have some superior technology when compared to other competitor products and the Electrolux Professional thawing cabinet also comes with a very unique thawing process that air flow is distributed uniformly and the cabinet complies fully with the HACCP standards.

If you think freezing your foods will kill all the microorganisms present in the food, you are totally wrong. It only slows them down and when you thaw it, the outer surface of the food first becomes warmer, making a suitable environment for the microorganisms to start growing. Hence it is extremely important to thaw it using the correct process and machinery and you can’t find a better cabinet than the Electrolux Professional thawing cabinet. Using a thawing cabinet can take a minimum of 4 hours to get the food ready for cooking and hence the process of thawing should be proper in distributing the air flow uniformly across the food at all times.

Electrolux Professional Thawing Cabinet Price

These thawing cabinets also comes with a clear visual display to indicate the current temperature inside the cabinet to help you regularly monitor the temperature. It also comes with a unique alarm system to indicate when the process is completed. When it comes to pricing, Electrolux Professional thawing cabinet price are always cheaper than most of the competitor brands but stands tall when it comes to added features. The cabinet also switches from the defrosting mode to storage mode when the thawing process is completed to prevent the microorganisms from multiplying.

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