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Electrolux Professional Stainless Steel Fabrication

Electrolux Professional is a popular brand with a strong reputation in the industry. It designs all-around solutions to help customers boost their sustainability and productivity.

Electrolux Professional stainless steel fabrication enables users to create a perfect preparation area with high hygiene, productivity, and flexibility. If you choose this top-quality product range, you will get the power, easiness, and ergonomics you’re searching for. Discover the best equipment for your business.

Your kitchen is your choice. Electrolux Professional offers innovative technologies for preparation areas to let customers get the most out of its advanced stainless steel fabrication solutions. The company is a leading brand in the modern foodservice industry because it offers the best professional products.

Electrolux Professional stainless steel fabrication

The newly created Electrolux Professional stainless steel fabrication range reinvents the industry. There are different lines included in it, such as:

  • Plus fabrication;
  • Premium fabrication;
  • Standard fabrication;
  • Eco fabrication.

Plus fabrication

This line is designed by Electrolux Professional to provide users with the solid products that meet the requirements of all international tenders and intense use installations while fitting any heavy-duty environment perfectly. All units comply with strict standards of cleanliness and hygiene. They all are constructed in durable stainless steel and offer extra strength and improved stability. This Electrolux Professional kitchen equipment comes with welded legs and frames.

Premium fabrication

This range is heavy-duty and long-lasting to provide customers with a speedy performance because of height adjustable feet and compartments that are easy to access. All cleaning procedures are faster and easier, thanks to upturned edges and rounded corners. Electrolux Professional premium fabrication units have the right combination of drawers and doors to suit all configuration needs.

Standard fabrication

Electrolux Professional offers the high-quality standard fabrication range to provide all clients with a number of practical kitchen solutions. They are perfect for any food preparation type in commercial settings. Besides, these units can stand along and blend well with the innovative design of Electrolux Professional equipment. They all comply with the strictest cleanliness and hygiene standards.

This kitchen equipment is manufactured by Electrolux Professional to be extra durable and serve for a very long time. It comes with reinforced base and side panels in addition to guaranteed superior stability and strength. When it comes to standard fabrication sink bowls, they are supplied with drain holes and overflow drain pipes, and their drainage area is suitable for all kinds of drying operations. Every edge is upturned for increased safety. Don’t forget about the improved ergonomics and reliability of this Electrolux Professional equipment for preparation areas.

Eco fabrication

The eco fabrication range offers a good choice of equipment solutions for any kitchen. Take a look at everything that Electrolux Professional offers to select the best deal and create a perfect preparation area. The eco fabrication range includes different storage cabinets, work tables, hot and work cupboards, all kinds of sinks. This kitchen equipment is very stylish and ergonomic and it has an extra sleek design.

The stability, reliability, and sturdiness of Electrolux Professional eco fabrication units are tested accurately. Choose them to show your kitchen off. This equipment is very easy to clean and maintain, and it complies with all international standards in terms of hygiene. Its construction is durable, thanks to stainless steel.

Shelving systems

Electrolux Professional shelving systems also meet the necessary international requirements and standards. They’re created by Electrolux Professional to withstand a heavy workload, and they can be positioned at different heights. Each shelving system is constructed entirely in durable stainless steel. That’s why consumers all over the world choose Electrolux Professional kitchen equipment. It’s easy to install and use and provides users with excellent results and improved functionality.

Where to get Electrolux Professional stainless steel fabrication

Maran Projekt GmbH is an authorized Electrolux Professional dealer with international shipping and services. Our experience is over 20 years and we speak German and English. We can communicate in any language and deliver kitchen equipment to any part of the world fast. Maran Projekt GmbH is an expert in Electrolux Professional appliances and units and your reliable partner. You can send us a request for manuals and we will send them for free. Besides, Electrolux Professional has the largest service network in the world because it includes over 200 service centers almost in all countries.

Electrolux Professional stainless steel fabrication price

Buy the stainless steel fabrication manufactured by Electrolux Professional online. Maran Projekt GmbH is an authorized dealer that guarantees fast shipping worldwide. Benefit from reasonable prices that can fit any customer budget. Make a sound investment in professional kitchen equipment designed by a leading brand. Prices on high-quality stainless steel fabrication vary according to the chosen type, model, and its different specifications, but it’s hard to find a better offer anywhere else. Entrust Maran Projekt GmbH your kitchen equipment concerns.

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