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Electrolux Professional Wash & Dry

The best-quality washers-dryers manufactured by Electrolux Professional offer a unique solution that fits all professional laundries.

Get rid of outdated washers and dryers and start saving more space by replacing these machines with advanced Electrolux Professional wash & dry solutions.

All you need to do is load linens and press a start button, and top-notch equipment will do the rest for you.

Electrolux Professional Wash & Dry

  • Wash and dry.

Use top-quality Electrolux Professional machines to save your time and make the entire process simple because there’s np loading and unloading involved.

  • Only wash.

Increase the washing capacity of your laundry by using units only as washer because they enable you to treat a lot of dirty laundry while taking advantage of the best performance.

  • Only dry.

It’s also possible only to dry with these versatile and professional machines.

Electrolux Professional Wash & Dry

Top-notch machines offer the ultimate convenience and the most effective use of space. For all environments, where it’s hard to find a free space for special in-house laundries, Electrolux Professional offers an effective solution. The highest standards of hygiene make a huge difference to customer satisfaction, and washers-dryers can meet them all.

Time is so important in our modern life that these unique machines that perform both drying and washing operations are of great support to all busy users who require the best results provided by low-maintenance and energy-efficient units. Besides, Electrolux Professional wash & dry solutions guarantee ultra-low noise emissions and they’re very easy to use. These excellent characteristics make them a perfect choice even for the most demanding consumers.

All Electrolux Professional laundry machines are created to be eco-friendly because of their low energy and water consumption. A highly efficient automated detergent dosing system minimizes the use of different chemicals. High-quality units speak your language, and all you need to do is choose one of pre-set languages and a voice will start guiding you for setting the necessary program.

Feel free to use machines to save your time because they offer a perfect balance or economy, time, and performance. They’re equipped with the special Compass Control system that offers a range of programs for combined or separate drying and washing. The unique Wash Triangle technology offers the right combination of energy and water consumption in addition to shorter processing times and maximized laundry results.

  • 4-compartment detergent box for the manual and automated dosing of liquid and powder detergents;
  • High extraction force for effective dewatering;
  • Extremely low energy and water consumption;
  • Incredible space savings;
  • Doors with gaskets and strong hinges are perfect for all heavy-duty operations;
  • Galvanized and stainless steel in all important parts for the highest degree of corrosion protection;
  • Special Compass Pro microprocessor;
  • Convenient language selection;
  • Large display is intuitive and easy to use;
  • User-friendly control knobs for simple program selection;
  • Quick option and selection buttons for the most popular wash and dry programs;
  • Maximized extraction force to provide the highest dewatering and drying savings;
  • Wash program packages are perfectly optimized;
  • Minimized stress on machines results in the increased lifetime and trouble-free operations;
  • Low vibration levels to install machines in any location;
  • Weighing linens and adjusting the necessary amount of energy and water to guarantee incredible savings;
  • Drying and washing operations are done in one machine.

Electrolux Professional wash & dry machines are easy to use because all you need to do is dill a drum, choose a suitable program and start. When a wash cycle is finished, the drying one starts automatically, and it stops when the right temperature is reached.

Top-quality units guarantee the best laundry performance, economy, and time savings. They’re equipped with special program libraries suitable for different applications, including healthcare and hospitality sectors or others. They come configured to suit all customer needs.

Electrolux Professional Wash & Dry Price

Want to benefit from professional washers-dryers designed by Electrolux Professional? Get the best machine from Maran Projekt GmbH, the official distributor of top-quality laundry equipment. Prices on all washer-dryers are highly competitive and they range from €10,623 to €14,370. The price that you pay is based on such features as voltage supply, frequency, payment system, drum volume, machine access, Voice Guidance System, and others. No matter of the choice you make, Maran guarantees fast delivery, customer protection, privacy, and regular discounts.

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