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Electrolux Professional HighSpeed Grill Panini

Electrolux Professional HighSpeed Grill Panini line is replaced with the new Award-winning SpeeDelight line: view all products.

Electrolux Professional high-speed panini grill makes first-class sandwiches in 30 seconds.

75% faster than the traditional grill. Sandwiches, hot from the filling to a crispy brown crust, will be ready in less than a minute.

The secret of excellent quality and incredible speed lies in the combination of 3 different heating sources: microwave, infrared heating, contact plates.

Just put the sandwich on the working surface of the HSG grill and close the lid. The position of the upper plate adapts to the thickness of the sandwich. When the sandwich is ready, the lid will open automatically.

Electrolux Professional high-speed panini grill - high-speed profit!

Electrolux Professional HSG Panini Grill Features

Want to create delicious sandwiches in minutes, then you definitely need to have the Electrolux Professional high speed panini grill in your kitchen. It is almost 75% faster than the traditional grills makes delightful sandwiches in 30 seconds. The secret behind the incredible speed and high quality of sandwiches is the combination 3 heating sources including the microwave technology with infrared heating and contact plates. The contact plate can be set to four different cooking cycles and comes with a non-stick coating and ribbed on the top. To make a sandwich all you need to do is place the sandwich on the plate close the lid. The lid will open automatically when the sandwich is ready. For different kind of fillings, you need to set different temperatures and with the Electrolux Professional panini grill hsg you can set temperatures from 320 degrees to 536 degrees. This Panini press is 24-4/5" by 14-1/5" and 26-3/5" tall, with a cooking surface that is 8-7/16" by 8-7/16".

The Electrolux Professional hsg panini grill preis features a 20 inch dual hob with ribbed top and be set a thermostat temperature upto 570°F. It is made using high quality stainless steel construction and features an on/off switch on the top plate. The hsg panini grill Electrolux Professional prezzo is one equipment you need in fastfood joints or restaurants specialized in serving sandwiches as you can make as many sandwiches you want in just minutes. It is renowned for its higher durability and it is extremely easy to clean and maintain. The Electrolux Professional high speed panini press price is much more affordable when you compare the price with other competitive products. You would also be really surprised to get a high speed panini at this Electrolux Professional panini grill hsg price. This panini grill is 9.25 inches tall, 20.50 inches wide, and 17.50 inches deep. It uses a voltage of 220/60/1 and a wattage of 3,000 watts.

Highlights of the Electrolux Professional hsg panini grill

  • Create a various types of dishes with the help of the highly durable cast iron surface
  • The plates can be adjusted to the kind of food and with different thickness of foods.
  • Cook foods of all shapes in sizes in the large cooking surface
  • It always provides with a perfect grill everytime with the evenly heated cooking surface
  • The thermostatically controlled temperature prevents the risk of burning
  • The chassis is made using stainless steel for added strength and durability
  • Cleaning is easy as all the crumbs and grease gets collected in the collection tray that is easily removable.
  • The cooking surface is scratch proof and rust proof and also resistant to oxidation, thanks to the vitreous enamel coating
  • The upper plates in the Electrolux Professional hsg panini grill are designed in such way to self-balance themselves so as to prevent them accidentally closing while cooking
  • Uniform heating is maintained always throughout the surface for great results, thanks to the large shock-proof heating coils.
  • Integrated thermostat for precise regulation of temperatures ranging from 0°C to 300°C

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