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Electrolux Professional Modular Cooking thermaline Modular 90

The top-notch modular cooking range is designed to help customers create a perfect kitchen.

Electrolux Professional cooking Thermaline modular 90 appliances meet the requirements of all fine dining restaurants because of innovative technology and design solutions.

Electrolux Professional Thermaline 90

The complete and fully efficient range includes:

  • Bain maries and aquacookers;
  • Chargrill and chip-scuttle tops;
  • Deep-fat fryers;
  • Electric-solid and free-cooking tops;
  • French and fry tops;
  • Induction cookers with a full surface;
  • Gas-burner and infrared tops;
  • Induction and pasta cookers;
  • Multi-braisers;
  • Sink units;
  • Warming plates;
  • Water-mixing and work tops;

Electrolux Professional Thermaline 90

The Electrolux Professional cooking Thermaline modular 90 range boasts a robust internal frame resistant to corrosion and accidental bumps. There are many other unique features that make modular cooking appliances in high demand.

  • Using both pans and pots to cook;
  • Retro-illuminated glass display with clearly visible LED digits offers a full control over all cooking operations;
  • Seamless connection between all cooking functions while avoiding a liquid infiltration;
  • Excellent energy savings and results;
  • Improved durability and free cooking;
  • Increased flexibility of kitchen operations is guaranteed;
  • Accurate temperature settings allow you to express creativity;
  • The highest hygienic levels are guaranteed;
  • High efficiency and ergonomics;
  • Strong stainless steel construction;
  • Easy to operate, clean, and maintain;
  • Superior temperature control with a unique thermos-couple device;
  • Temperature sensors and high-performance heating system;
  • Guaranteed even temperature distribution and excellent efficiency;
  • Great energy savings, thanks to prevented heat dispersion;
  • Ecotop knobs for optimal temperature monitoring and control;
  • Using all temperature zones by simply moving pots;
  • Highly efficient flame burners with the guaranteed adaptation based on pot sizes;
  • Optimized combustion;
  • Automatic stop and start devices with pot-recognition sensors;
  • Increased reliability to support all professional kitchen applications;
  • Perfect heat uniformity, thanks to resistant chrome-plated cooking surfaces;
  • Fast heating up times;
  • Possibility to prepare multiple foods at the same time without mixing their flavors.

Electrolux Professional Thermaline 90 Features

The Electrolux Professional cooking Thermaline modular 90 includes high-quality warming and holding cabinet bases that offer the best support for serving foods. They’re designed to keep heat at low temperature levels to guarantee uniform and stable temperatures for dishes. The necessary hygienic regulations are respected without compromising appearance, taste, and flavor.

Stainless steel water-filled wells have the alloy that prevents rust and corrosion to ensure a longer life of kitchen appliances. The modular cooking range is fast to clean and has the highest level of protection. Its smart design protects kitchen appliances from dirt.

All bases have rounded corners for easy cleaning and meeting the strictest hygiene regulations. Double-lined chimneys have removable panels for the same purpose. Retro-illuminated tempered-glass control panel display is resistant to corrosion for fast cleaning too.

Highly-visible LED lights have digits to offer a full control over all cooking operations from a distance. Metal command knobs have heat-resistant, non-slip, silicon grips to guarantee precise control. Laser-cut printed icons are highly visible and resistant to corrosion. Heavy-duty metal knobs are resistant to changing and high temperatures.

Electrolux Professional Thermaline 90 Advantages

Cooking options have raised drip edges to ensure the safety and protection of operators from contaminating liquids. Aquacookers offer high efficiency and excellent results because they are multi-purpose and water-based kitchen appliances. Patented high-efficiency flower-flame burners produce less heat.

The modular cooking range is flexible enough to provide customers with top-notch back-to-back, wall-mounted, and other configurations to suit all of their needs. You can choose from high-quality electric and gas powered models to end up with improved kitchen operations.

The best quality of all meals is guaranteed by multi-function free-cooking tops that feature both direct and indirect contacts. The unique stand-by function is integrated to reduce power consumption each time when you don’t use pots of a cooking surface.

Refrigerated freezer bases are very flexible solutions for all multi-temperature kitchen operations. Use them to freeze or refrigerate food products based on your needs. The ingenious design of full-surface induction units are more sturdy and durable to allow users to cook with multiple pots at once.

Electrolux Professional Cooking Thermaline Modular 90 Price

Maran Projekt GmbH is the reliable company that offers the best prices on the Thermaline modular 90 cooking range. It specializes in distributing professional kitchen appliances at affordable rates.

Prices on modular kitchen units range based on a particular types and tech specifications. Choose the best one based on your needs and end up with great savings, thanks to Maran. The company provides all customers with excellent guarantees, including customer protection and safe online payment methods. You’re in good hands.

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