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Electrolux Professional Mixers

The professional mixers are designed by Electrolux Professional to help customers cook different soups, creams, sauces, mousses, vegetable purees, and dough types. All machines provide a unique combination of ergonomics, power, and lightness. Sturdy turbo blenders are perfect tools for grinding, mixing, and homogenizing a large volume of fish or vegetable soups, liquid dough types, vegetable or fruit purees, and sauces.

Order professional Electrolux Professional equipment to process food products into the dishes you want to prepare. The smart speed and intelligent control system slows down the speed of a nozzle rotation to minimize noise levels and vibration when interrupting contacts with food products.

Electrolux Professional Mixers

Electrolux Professional multifunctional immersion mixers are designed for cooking creams, soups, sauces, vegetable purees, mousses and various types of dough. This is a unique combination of power, ergonomics and lightness. The SMART Speed ​​Control intelligent control system reduces the speed of the nozzle rotation at the moment of interrupting contact with the product, minimizing vibration and noise levels. If the mixer is used incorrectly, the overload indicator lights up on the control panel.

Turbo blenders are the best tool for mixing, grinding and homogenizing large volumes of vegetable and fish soups, fruit and vegetable purees, liquid dough and sauces. Process the dish directly in the dishes in which it is prepared. Nozzles, blender knives and coronets (if available) are dismounted without the aid of tools and are suitable for washing in a dishwasher.

The range designed by Electrolux Professional consists of:

  • Portable mixers;
  • 5 L electronic speed variation;
  • Turbo liquidizers.

All professional mixers are very powerful and lightweight to make blending, mixing, and stirring, effortless.

  • Change attachments easily;
  • Adjust speeds fast;
  • Get the best out of all ingredients;
  • Perform cooking functions perfectly;
  • Increased ergonomics;
  • Prepare different soups, creams, vegetable purees, sauces, mousses, and pancake butters;
  • Easy cleaning of single parts;
  • Smart speed control;
  • Tube attachments are perfect for many recipes;
  • Whisk attachments are great for beating egg whites, whipping creams, and making mayonnaise;

Electrolux Professional Mixers Features

  • Smart speed control based on the load consistency to guarantee decreased vibrations and a longer life;
  • Electronic speed variation with the full load;
  • Special wall support to hold the unit and all tools when not in use;
  • Blades, shafts, and tubes are easily disassembled for regular cleaning;
  • Overload alarm indicator with the light when mixers are used incorrectly;
  • Double-fan air-cooling systems to ensure longer working periods without overheating;
  • Ergonomic handles for comfy use;
  • Special lipped design of blade protection to avoid splashing;
  • Sturdy and flat motor base;
  • All parts are dishwasher-safe;
  • Ultimate combination of efficiency and power;
  • Ultra-efficient lightweight design;
  • Removable blade and rotor mechanism;
  • Innovative electronic speed variation;
  • Designed to withstand intensive use.

If you use professional mixers incorrectly, the overload indicator will light up on a control panel, which is quite user-friendly. Such accessories as coronets, blender knives, and nozzles are easily dismounted and suitable to be washed in dishwashers.

Electrolux Professional Mixers Price

When shopping for the professional mixers designed by Electrolux Professional, Maran Projekt GmbH offers a full product range at quite competitive prices. Whatever mixer you choose, you’re guaranteed to get excellent savings in addition to many extra benefits. Buy high-quality mixers from the official international distributor to benefit from high efficiency, excellent performance, and reliability. The mixers offered by Electrolux Professional will serve you for a long time.

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