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Electrolux Professional Ironers

Top-notch ironers are manufactured by Electrolux Professional to provide operators with nothing short of perfect. If flatwork ironing is a must, rely on a good selection of Electrolux Professional products that can meet any sophisticated needs. With highly efficient Electrolux Professional ironers, you can easily benefit from the following:

  • Increased laundry productivity with the highest hygiene levels, thanks to advanced electronics that allow you to both optimize and control the entire process;
  • The patented DIAMMS or direct ironer advanced moisture management system.

Electrolux Professional Laundry Ironers

The range of ironers designed by Electrolux Professional consists of such excellent solutions:

  • Bed-type ironers;
  • Heavy duty flatwork type machines;
  • Standard cylinder-type units;
  • Industrial cylinder-type models.

They all are guaranteed to provide the best performance to users.

Electrolux Professional developed 2 distinctive commercial ironer ranges that suit the needs of both small shops and big outputs.

First, the IB range of bed-type professional ironers is perfect for all kinds of small items, including tablework and napkins.

The IC range of cylinder-type units combines important ironing and drying functions. Highly efficient ironers provide users with a great opportunity to take both modern and traditional fabrics straight from washers to ironing and improve laundry process effectiveness. 

IC433 ironers are equipped with a special maintenance-free ceramic gas burner, which makes them up to 20% more efficient compared to standard blue-flame burners. This incredible feature helps operators minimize downtimes.

Feel free to get the highest productivity of professional laundry equipment with the folding, stacking, and feeding solutions that can be easily configured on the IC488 ironer series.

Cut down your regular energy costs through Electrolux Professional advanced heating solutions, including the patented ceramic gas burners. Decrease regular maintenance and get a peace of mind, thanks to top-quality Nomex belts and the advanced industrial design of professional ironers.

Take advantage of the ergonomics of Electrolux Professional ironers derived with a Dubixium multilayer cylinder and a vacuum feeding table, thus making your life easier while providing an ultimate ironing quality.

Electrolux Professional Ironers Benefits

CMIS is intelligent software with the unique Certus management information system. It allows users to increase laundry productivity and get more savings with great ergonomics. Professional ironers are equipped with this specially designed feature in addition to Cflex folding and feeding equipment.

Electrolux Professional designs user-friendly controls to guarantee perfect results. Professional ironers ensure that each step involved in the ironing process is simple even for unskilled users.

Electronic controls with a large display panel guide operators intuitively. It displays the necessary information for different adjustments and functions. Besides, a special indicator light informs users if the retained humidity in linens exceeds 8% after ironing. This unique feature ensures perfect hygiene and dryness in compliance with the highest quality control. A control panel can also be easily networked through CMIS if you want to record or track each step in your ironing or drying process.

The electro-mechanical control of professional ironers is easy to set and read. You can easily adjust the ironing speed and temperature at any point of the process.

The innovative touch screen control on Electrolux Professional FFS ironers is an ideal interface for running them. The main reason is that it features a few levels where users can enjoy a simple and easy to use text-free running screen. Technicians also have access to all exhaustive technical pages if it’s necessary to assess stats and customization solutions for ironers. This interactive control can minimize the training requirements of users while increasing laundry productivity because it informs of any event on units.

The best technology makes a huge difference in Electrolux Professional ironers because it guarantees ergonomics, safety, and productivity.

  • Safety handle to use in any event of power failure and guarantee the necessary protection of linens, operators, and machines;
  • Finger protection to ensure increased safety;
  • Frequency-controlled motor with optimized productivity and speed;
  • Heady-padded pressure roll for the best ironing results;
  • Nomex ironing belts that withstand temperature even over 200 degrees, thus providing users with a better quality while prolonging the life of ironers;
  • Fully-encases machines to guarantee maximized workplace safety and efficiency;
  • Tailored to customer needs;
  • All ironers are made to ensure that they will meet any laundry requirements;
  • One ironer can process flatwork only with one operator;
  • Such functions as folding, drying, ironing, feeding, and stacking are performed automatically, thus giving incredible labor savings.

Electrolux Professional Ironers Price

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