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We speak English and German. We ship worldwide from Hamburg, Germany.

The Company MARAN Projekt GmbH successfully ships various Commercial Bar Equipment. Success and popularity of the bars are undoubtedly dependent on barmen’ and chefs’ skills. But attunement of their work depends on bar equipment, whose price is varying in different companies. As reliable supplier we guarantee quality, affordable price and punctual deliveries.

Modern bar or restaurant equipment reflects the level and appearance towards the guests. It is pursuing direct dependence: high qualitaty reliable equipment attunes and optimizes work behavior of all employees and defines as a result the service level of the Bar or Restaurant.

We offer commercial and technological equipment for restaurant-, bar- or cafe kitchen from one of the world leader Electrolux Professional – the Brand that is far apart from average manufacturer (only Electrolux Professional product range can completely fullfil the demands in equipment from A to Z).

Bar Equipment, Products Overview:

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Bar Equipment from Professional Company

More information, description, specifications and Bar equipment price as well as sales conditions you can get from our Hot-Line or in Internet or via e-mail, no matter where you are: in Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna or Bern. It is irrelevant what time is at your location: our web-shop is open all around the clock - it is possible to buy Bar equipment day and night! Offer for Bar furnituring, including stainless steel furniture for professional design of the working areas is available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and over the Europe.

As an authorized dealer we provide professional design and delivery of all necessary equipment as Turn-Key solutions for your Bar.

Procedure and services under "Turn-Key solutions" in Hamburg and other places is perfectly implemented by the Company MARAN Projekt GmbH and ensures work attunement at all levels (projecting, design, delivery, installation and maintenance).

Bar Equipment Order in Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, Bern and Throughout the World:

We speak English and German. We ship worldwide from Hamburg, Germany.

+49 (0) 40 22 94 19 20 (Mo-Fr 8.00-17.00)


Luebecker Str.1, Hamburg, 22087, Germany

Equipment from Electrolux Professional: Success for over 100 years

Equipment from Electrolux Professional is well-known on the market for almost a hundred years (since 1919). These are devices which comply with the strictest standards and are created with use of the latest technologies and let the professional fully realize their creative potential.

Range of Electrolux Professional products includes food preparation, cooking and refrigeration, dishwashing, self service systems, storage and neutral stainless still furniture.

The equipment combines optimal safety, performance, ergonomics and ease of use; no wounder that quite often professionals all over the world choose this equipment.

Electrolux Professional bar equipment solutions

Electrolux Professional is the brand that has offered its innovations for longer than 100 years. Nowadays, it’s the only supplier that offers a full range of top-performance solutions for bars and kitchens, including dishwashers modular cooking equipment, refrigeration solutions, convection ovens, and efficient food preparation machines, and they all meet the strictest requirements of demanding consumers.

Electrolux Professional bar equipment is valued by a large number of consumers in many countries. The company manufactures its machinery according to modern developments and achievements in the industry. Think about its innovative technologies, such as air-o-convect and cook-and-chill, unique options and accessories, as they all make Electrolux Professional commercial bar equipment indispensable for modern business owners. What is included in the Electrolux Professional range? Check this Electrolux Professional bar equipment list:

  • Cook-and-chill units;
  • Industrial and other cooking;
  • Libero Line plug-in appliances;
  • Modular cooking;
  • Refrigeration options;
  • Food preparation innovations;
  • Servery;
  • Dishwashing devices;
  • Laundry;
  • Ventilation;
  • Stainless steel fabrication.

Basic reasons to choose Electrolux Professional for your bar

The company manufactured professional equipment for bars around the world, and Maran Projekt GmbH is its official international distributor. Each unit comes with a number of great benefits, such as uniqueness, high quality, high professionalism level, modern technology, and affordable price. With the range provided, you can easily equip your bar and design a safe and efficient workplace with maximum functionality and convenience.

Bar equipment distributed by Maran Projekt GmbH is chosen by many bar owners who appreciate its convenience and comfort in addition to guaranteed extra savings. Unique and modern technologies allow users to save their resources, maintain a high level of their eco-friendliness, and decrease a harmful effect. Electrolux Professional basic bar equipment is perfect for such purposes as modernization, improving your business, or equipping newly opened bars. Thanks to its economical technology and fair prices, you will make a wise investment that will pay itself very fast.

Maran Projekt GmbH is the official distributor that offers commercial equipment for bars designed by Electrolux Professional worldwide. Contact it if you want to get high quality restaurant and bar equipment. Maran Projekt GmbH is a reliable and authorized supplier that carries out projecting, turnkey assembly, supply, etc. You can find everything you need here.

Electrolux Professional equipment for bars is accessible worldwide

Electrolux Professional creates highly dependable and efficient appliances for modern bars. Their range includes any solution, including refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, modular cooking systems, and so on. The best part is that the company has a large service network with many service centers worldwide. When you buy Electrolux Professional mobile bar equipment or anything else, you don’t have to be concerned with its regular maintenance or service. Any unit designed by this brand is manufactured using only top-quality materials and it goes through strict testing procedures before being released in the market.

Electrolux Professional dishwashing solutions for modern bars

This outside bar equipment provides expert solutions that ensure the best quality, exceptional reliability, low operating costs, and safety. Consider a number of innovative technologies, such as the IWS system, as they improve end results and guarantee optimal washing. Electrolux Professional manufactures universal commercial dishwashers that differ based on their construction type. If you need the best dishwashing solution for your bar, choose from rack-type, front-loading, and other types. Pay attention to compact undercounters because they’re characterized by optimal dimensions and high performance rates.

How to make the best choice

When shopping for the best dishwashing restaurant bar equipment, selecting the right brand is a challenging decision. Go with products from such a reputable brand as Electrolux Professional because it’s a leading manufacturer. The company produces professional dishwashers designed with innovative technology and they can fit any business. What makes them so special?

  • Energy star compliancy;
  • The most economic solutions;
  • Innovative technology;
  • Easy to maintain and install;
  • Easy to use;
  • Ultimate safety.

The bar equipment designed by Electrolux Professional and distributed by Maran Projekt GmbH is energy star compliant, which means that it helps users save a lot of energy. Highly efficient dishwashers can clean everything without using a lot of energy, thus providing users with long-term savings. They offer complete solutions for any business and meet all customer requirements. This equipment is created by using top-quality materials and it guarantees excellent results, top quality, reduced running costs, reliability, and safety.

Electrolux Professional bar appliances use innovative technologies to help users achieve the best results possible. Many restaurants, cafes, and bars want to use the best equipment for trouble-free business tasks. Electrolux Professional ensures longer lifetime and ultimate performance, thanks to innovative developments.

Electrolux Professional bar equipment price

If you compare the prices set by Maran Projekt GmbH, you’ll be surprised by their affordability. The greatest benefit is that this equipment provides a number of features, and this is what makes it superior. You can buy any appliances for your bar with their delivery worldwide because Maran Projekt GmbH is an official international Electrolux Professional distributor.

Prices vary according to standard and extra features, such as sizes, product types, weight, and so on. However, they all are very reasonable and will fit any budget. Prices exclude all taxes and shipping costs.