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Electrolux Professional Food processor

Highly efficient food processors are built by Electrolux Professional to last for a long time. These are ideal machines for professional chiefs because they perform many functions, including grinding, chopping, mincing, and blending any preparation based on specific recipe requirements. Test excellent Electrolux Professional food processors to discover a range of capabilities and benefits.

Use them to elaborate personal textures and preserve aromas, flavors, and valuable nutritional content. A compact and powerful induction motor guarantees silent operations and a long service life for all heavy jobs. Blades can be stored safely in a special wall mounted blade holder. A control panel is easy to use, ergonomic, and waterproof. The components of food processors are 100% dishwasher safe, including blades, scrappers, etc.

Electrolux Professional Food Processors

Thanks to the availability of scrappers and high speed, food processors enable users to achieve perfect homogenization results and prepare dishes suitable for semi-liquid or spoon feeding of patients who can’t chew solid food.

Professional kitchen equipment enables you to cook meals as usual and then homogenize them to preserve a nutritional value, taste, and color. The final results of using Electrolux Professional devices are quite pleasing and important to revive the sense of taste for recovering patients. The homogenization process is also needed to cook food for elderly people and babies too. High-quality food processors deliver the best performance and increased functionality, thanks to excellent tech specifications.

  • Different capacities to complement any size of catering facilities;
  • Possibility to mince and mix easily and fast to preserve flavors and textures;
  • Suitable for preparing sauces, mixing, and chopping;
  • The entire process takes a few seconds without any risk of altering food products or heating;
  • Large bowl capacities for improved productivity;
  • Stainless steel mobile stand;
  • Durable stainless steel construction to serve for a long time;
  • Guaranteed suitability during all kitchen operations, thanks to a central position of a robust stainless steel bowl;
  • Equipped with a unique scrapper to cook everything from creams to meat;
  • Asynchronous motor for a prolonged service life and silent operations;

Electrolux Professional Food Processors Features

  • Transparent lid to let users check a preparation process;
  • User-friendly and waterproof touch-button control panel;
  • No need to stop food processors while operating because all ingredients can be easily added through a special opening in the lid;
  • Special pulse function for the coarse chopping of large pieces;
  • Thick-walled owl with convenient handles for simplified movement;
  • Micro-toothed blade rotor, bowl design, and scrapper guarantee consistent mixing;
  • Available with 2 speeds or a variable speed;
  • Serrated or smooth stainless steel blade rotor;
  • Bowl, transparent lid, and rotor can be easily removed with no special tools for easy cleaning;
  • All components that are in contact with food products are dishwasher safe;
  • Double-safety locking system to avoid a risk of splashing and spillage for guaranteed safety.

Electrolux Professional Food Processors Price

Interested in buying and using the best-quality food processors? Turn to Maran Projekt GmbH because the company specializes in distributing professional cooking appliances designed by Electrolux Professional worldwide. Prices are quite reasonable and range according to tech specifications and unit types, but consumers with any budget can afford buying top-notch food processors. Electrolux Professional ensures the best performance, high efficiency, increased productivity, and ergonomics, while Maran guarantees complete customer satisfaction, privacy, and protection.

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