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Electrolux Professional Side Load Barrier Washers

The highest level of hygiene is critical for all professional laundries, so there’s no room for possible compromises. The top-notch side load barrier washers designed by Electrolux Professional provide customers with a peace of mind by giving the most effective defense against the spreading of cross infections and microorganisms.

The professional range of Electrolux Professional barrier washers consists of:

  • Line 6000 Evolution Barrier Washers;
  • Hyvolution 500 liters G5000 units;
  • Pocket 130-180 liters G5000 machines.

Good practices are a must when hygiene is important. Electrolux Professional side load barrier washers are your reliable hygiene partners. All machines are quite flexible and easy to use because advanced Electrolux Professional controls are adapted to all unique customer needs. Boost your professional laundry productivity with high-quality barrier washers.

Electrolux Professional Laundry Side Load Barrier Washers

Clarus Control is the innovative Electrolux Professional technology that offers incompatible ease of use. Basically, it’s a special microprocessor that has 9 different programs to choose from designed with customer needs in mind. The best part is that you can install up to 192 customized programs.

Electrolux Professional side load barrier washers are equipped with a touch screen, which is easy to use too. The new generation of washing machines guarantees improved comfort and unique ergonomics. They support an intuitive and fast learning curve, from a quick wash program starting up to advanced programming modes.

Machines also offer custom-made programs. It’s very simple to customized new programs based on your personal washing needs. Take into account the fabric types being washed and dirty linens. Advanced technology enables users to tune each step involved in the process to guarantee the best case for each load.

High-quality machines ensure the most efficient hygiene control, thanks to a unique function that cleans a linen load perfectly. Special features allow unloading only on a clean side if a washing program is fully completed.

Memory cards allow users to save their favorite washing programs for future uses in other Electrolux Professional machines. A processor can be easily connected to printers and computers, thus guaranteeing complete traceability of each phase involved in the washing process.

Electrolux Professional Side Load Barrier Washers Benefits

Professional washing equipment is manufactured by Electrolux Professional to provide users with extreme simplicity and many easy options. You can choose the most common programs through special quick start buttons that also feature unique healthcare options.

The best fit of Electrolux Professional side load barrier washers is provided by a variety of options to choose from. Whether you want reliable, robust, or basic functions to end up with outstanding flexibility and savings, top-notch machines offer that.

The Integrated Weighing System is designed to provide users with greater control over the entire washing process. As you load washers, the weight of your linen is displayed to ensure improved results, traceability, and productivity.

Advanced technology allows users to monitor the pH of water during any wash cycle automatically, thus ensuring greater traceability and control. Top-quality barrier washers are designed by Electrolux Professional to be easily upgraded with a double-drain valve. You can decide to recycle and save a lot of regular water consumption.

To optimize energy consumption, barrier washers have special indirect steam heating. If you have any specific washing requirements, benefit from this feature. Besides, Certus Management Information System provides you with the highest hygienic standards. Get a peace of mind that each load of drying and washing is recorded and monitored for the future. The system alarms you if any critical parameters aren’t met.

Robust barrier washers are designed to make your life easier and more comfortable, thanks to high efficiency.

  • Automated positioning of the inner drum;
  • Smooth and inclined partition for the fastest and easiest unloading;
  • Automated unlocking and locking of drum doors to save effort and time;
  • Doors maintain the linen while operators bring a trolley forward;
  • Inner drum doors form a special bridge between trolleys and washing machines to simplify the process.

Electrolux Professional barrier washers are created to provide users with the highest hygiene standards and the most effective protection against the spreading of infections while streamlining the entire laundry process.

All customers require the linen laundered based on the highest cleanliness standards and acceptable microbiological quality. Top-notch machines are manufactured to meet them all to minimize possible risks and provide users with the best washing performance.

All units come with special Cleanroom options to avoid any particle contamination and deliver the cleanest linen in professional laundries. Barrier washers guarantee consistent and excellent results.

Electrolux Professional Side Load Barrier Washers Price

When shopping for high-quality side load barrier washers manufactured by Electrolux Professional, Maran Projekt GmbH offer the best deals on the market. Prices are very budget-friendly and they vary according to the tech specifications of different models. Find the best professional laundry solutions designed by Electrolux Professional. Benefit from regular discounts offered by Maran. When you order side load barrier washers, you get a peace of mind that machines will be delivered fast and you get the necessary guarantees, including a money-back policy.

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