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Electrolux Professional Laundry Equipment


We speak English and German. We ship worldwide from Hamburg, Germany.

We offer professional laundry equipment from world leading manufacturer Electrolux Professional.

We can ship every item from the lists below. We offer good prices and 20 years of experience.

Electrolux Professional Laundry Washing Equipment

Front Load, Side Load, Barrier and Wash & Dry Machines:
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Drying, Ironing and Finishing Equipment

Hydro extractors, Dryers, Ironers and Finishers:
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Electrolux Professional Laundry Equipment Specifications

Front Load Washers

Side Load Barrier Washers

Side Load Washers

Tumble Dryers

Drying Cabinets


Ironing Lane

Hydro Extractors

Finishing Equipment

Wash and Dry

Professional laundry equipment is one of our main specializations. We offer long-term professional industrial equipment for laundries and dry cleaners Electrolux Professional Laundry turnkey. Many years of experience in the market of equipment allows us to offer a full range of professional equipment for laundries, mini-laundry. And not only Electrolux Professional commercial washing machine for laundries, but also drying and ironing units.

A wide and exceptionally well-thought-out assortment for professional laundry equipment, which can be bought in partnership with us, can be used both in mini-laundries and in large hotel complexes. Electrolux Professional equipment can be used in various fields and directions: laundry facilities can be equipped not only at hotels and hotels, but also in sports and health clubs, holiday homes, hospitals, community centers, large industrial enterprises.

Electrolux Professional commercial laundry equipment price-list will depend on the configurations, sizes, capacities of the equipment chosen. Prices can be clarified by Our consultants. In addition to professional laundry equipment, the assortment includes neutral or additional equipment that does not carry the basic functionality, but without this kind of technology it is not possible to organize the working space optimally: trolleys, cabinets, racks.

Electrolux Professional Laundry Equipment Advantages

Exclusiveness of laundry equipment (especially Electrolux Professional Line 5000) among other brands is due to its unrivaled quality and reliability. We, as professional suppliers, enable our customers to purchase laundry equipment on the most favorable terms. Our specialists carry out not only sales, but also a full range of turnkey works: selection, installation and installation, after-sales service, delivery and replacement of spare parts.

Commercial laundry equipment will save you time, money, resources, space. The price of the equipment will depend on the model you choose. Our specialists can get detailed advice on the choice of industrial equipment for laundries and at cost: we will help to correctly calculate the future equipment for laundries and dry cleaners, the right and every possible placement of the future enterprise.

Not only Europe evaluated our work: we will develop a project, we will complete it, we can supply Electrolux Professional industrial washing machine to anywhere in Europe and Worldwide, we will install and service the complex laundry equipment in Malaysia, India, UK, Australia and other countries.

Turnkey laundry equipment

A wide range of Electrolux Professional Laundry equipment allows for the complete equipping of laundries - a solution that simultaneously ensures the functionality and durability of all equipment, the conformity of equipment performance and the required laundry load, the high ergonomics of the work space and the minimum purchase costs of Electrolux Professional commercial washer.

Knowing perfectly the possibilities of all models of Electrolux Professional Laundry equipment, we have been successfully supplying laundry equipment in Germany, Europe, and Worldwide for several years. A professional approach to equipping the laundry with Electrolux Professional laundromat - this is maximum performance and reliability with minimum costs!

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Innovative Electrolux Professional laundry equipment

Electrolux Professional is a well-established company that specializes in manufacturing flexible, durable, and efficient commercial laundry solutions. It takes customer needs into consideration to improve the ergonomics, productivity, and functionality of high-quality commercial laundry equipment. This is what enables Electrolux Professional to offer the best washing and drying results. Maran Projekt GmbH is a reliable supplier that officially distributes highly efficient laundry systems manufactured by this brand worldwide.

The full range of Electrolux Professional laundry machines

Top-notch front load washers guarantee excellence in hygiene. Each professional laundry is different, and that’s why Electrolux Professional offers an extensive range of washing extractors. Consider the benefits provided by barrier and side load washers because they ensure the best defense against the spread of cross infections and harmful microorganisms.

Electrolux Professional industrial laundry equipment also guarantee improved green economy, thanks to high-quality tumble dryers with outstanding durability, maximized flexibility, and eco-friendliness. Looking for the best solutions for your perfect flatwork? Electrolux Professional ironers ensure a cost efficient and time efficient process from feeding in all kinds of wet items to getting clean piles of ironed and folded sheets.

High productivity and quality

High productivity and quality are outstanding characteristics of Electrolux Professional laundry machines. Different folders and feeders are created to connect with ironers to provide users with simple and efficient operations. Choose from a full range of highly automated and easy to use finishing pressed and other equipment for increased productivity. Looking for multifunctional machines? You can use them as washer and dryers to save your time and make laundry processes easier because there’s no unloading and loading involved.

Besides, Electrolux Professional offers a wide range of effective management systems and programs. The company manufactures a variety of auxiliaries to help out with such laundry processes as transporting, sorting, and others. They all are distributed by Maran Projekt GmbH globally.

Electrolux Professional brings all the necessary solutions to commercial and industrial laundries, with its high-quality equipment available for any need. As each professional laundry is different, this brand is focused on designing flexible solutions. It keeps improving the characteristics of its laundry range through a constant engagement with customers in different industry segments.

Basic benefits of using Electrolux Professional laundry machines

Consider these basic benefits proving that Electrolux Professional laundry equipment for sale is your perfect choice. The company makes a promise to provide consumers with top-notch systems in terms of durability and quality in addition to running costs and increased eco-friendliness.

  • All units are manufactured for a low consumption of detergents, energy, water, and harmful emissions;
  • They are constantly updated with the eco needs of all customers in mind;
  • Advanced Electrolux Professional technologies are compliant with the highest industry standard and almost fully recyclable;
  • All laundry machines are tested and checked.

Maran Projekt GmbH supplies an extensive range of dryers, washers, ironers, and barriers to guarantee that clients can get the professional laundry machinery to meet their specific requirements.

Professional washer extractors

When using these laundry machines, you can benefit from the best performance, economy, and environmental friendliness. Don’t overlook a perfect balance of their washing performance, time, and economy based on individual needs. This equipment has a speed soak drum designed to provide users with outstanding dewatering and the fastest soaking in addition to the best pass-through solid particles.

Electrolux Professional guarantees the best savings in drying, thanks to highly efficient extraction and power balance. The innovative clarus control ensures perfect sanitization results with reduced energy and water consumption. Unique microfiber solutions provide users with the highest hygiene standard, while top-class barrier washers guarantee the most effective hygiene control.

Professional dryers

Once you order the professional dryers manufactured by Electrolux Professional, you’ll benefit from excellent results and improve laundry efficiency, thanks to minimized operating costs. They all have ergonomic designs and unique incorporated features to ensure that these machines are safe and easy to use.

Electrolux Professional designs top-notch laundry solutions for different sectors, including care institutions, hotels, and other commercial and industrial laundry facilities. In-house solutions result in the best service quality and increased cost savings. This well-known manufacturer understands what really matters in this business: the highest productivity, streamlined processes, improved performance, increased reliability and flexibility, reduced running costs, etc. High-quality equipment supports customer success with a full range of laundry solutions and software options. It’s manufactured with excellence!

Electrolux Professional laundry equipment prices

After comparing Electrolux Professional industrial laundry equipment prices, you’ll understand that it’s hard to find more reasonable offers than the ones given by Maran Projekt GmbH. It’s an authorized Electrolux Professional dealer or an official distributor of this equipment worldwide. Industrial laundry equipment prices are very competitive and they fit consumers with any finances.

The final price that you need to pay for Electrolux Professional laundry systems supplied by Maran Projekt GmbH depends on different features, both basic and extra, including their power and weight. All prices exclude shipping costs and all taxes. Order highly productive laundry equipment today because it’s an excellent solution for any business.