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We speak English and German. We ship worldwide from Hamburg, Germany.

According to their purpose to the restaurant equipment the high operating loads endure because a high capacity for the gastronomic restaurant business is assumed. The facilities of the school -or- kindergarten canteen, university canteen, canteens of large and medium industrial enterprises, offices, convalescent homes, health centers, the question of the right choice of equipment (cooking equipment, refrigeration equipment, Irrigation and stainless steel furniture).

The suitable for certain applications and functions catering equipment will be compact, aesthetically and economically optimum. In the product overview the equipment is represented with which the working space and work surfaces are designed as comfortably and efficiently and the optimum storage, issue and transport conditions are created.

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Cooking Equipment

Professional Equipment for the Kitchen of Restaurant, Bar or Cafe:
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Electrolux Professional Dishwashing Equipment

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The catering equipment for restaurant or canteen to allow simultaneous preparation and freshness of several dishes in large quantities. It is believed that the food in the restaurant or canteen in a finished, hot state are kept. Therefore the Großküchentechnik intended to ensure the maintenance of a certain constant temperature, so that the first or second gear of the issue date remains warm.

In addition to the technological requirements are the restaurants with the durable, high-quality, durable, reliable equipment furnished turnkey.

For detailed information, descriptions, specifications, please contact our managers on request. We supply the equipment Café in Hamburg, Berlin and other German cities and throughout Europe.

Equipment for canteens in Germany, Europe and Worldwide Order:

We speak English and German. We ship worldwide from Hamburg, Germany.

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Ideal equipment for canteens - Electrolux Professional

As a sign of success and reputation of the catering business (restaurant, cafe, restaurant, among others), the use of equipment from brand name Electrolux Professional is considered for many decades.

This represented by a wide range of products industrial equipment manufactured by the world leader and represents a triumph of innovative technologies and cooperation between the manufacturer and the famous chief cooks are which exchange their wishes, advice and tips ( among other things, in April 2014, a partnership agreement between the company Electrolux Professional and the international Association of Chef cooks WORLD cHEFS was finished).

As an ideal solution for a turnkey equipment of restaurants and canteens be regarded with the offered by our company equipment brand Electrolux Professional.

MARAN project GmbH: Canteen Equipment Worldwide

A professional performance of the company MARAN project GmbH is the restaurant facilities in Berlin, Hamburg, in German cities and Europe (with the equipment from Electrolux). Why is such a solution optimal?

Acquisition of equipment can be very costly in an improper setting; thereby, some device functions overlap and the overall performance may be either less than gastronomic capacity of the plant or unjustifiably higher than this.

Trust a turnkey facilities to the professionals!

Our company is a team of professionals that a restaurant equipment in Germany, Austria, in other regions of the World as well as a turn-key equipment from other equipment including such as Hyatt, Rosinter, Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Marriott, Radisson, Park Inn, Intercontinental, Agip , Maersk, GermanOil, Hurricane, Gazprom behind. A professional solution is a co-operation under a contract which is signed by the vote of design and design documentation. This Enwurfs and design documents are developed by our experts based on your request.

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