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Electrolux Professional Dishwashing

Electrolux Professional dishwashing provides the professional solutions to the market that ensure excellent washing quality, low operating costs, exceptional reliability and safety of the equipment. Innovative technologies such as the IWS (Ideal Wash System) system for the improvement of washing results in rack type washing machines as well as the Wash Safe Control system, which enables an optimal washing.

The universal commercial dishwashers (for washing dishes, eating utensils and porcelain) can differ according to the type of construction (washing machines, rack type washing machines, front loading washing machines etc.). In addition, Electrolux Professional offers the perfect solutions for office canvases, small cafes and restaurants - the compact undercounters, which are characterized by an optimal dimensions / performance ratio.

Electrolux Professional Dishwashing

Today, the washing rooms of the catering facilities must be equipped with modern washing equipment. These are high-tech dishwashers, glass washers and other produced by the largest mechanical engineering companies.

One of the recognized market leaders in the industry is the Swedish company AB Electrolux Professional, which supplies its production to 150 countries in the world. Electrolux Professional brand equioment meet the highest standards of quality, safety, efficiency and performance. They are characterized by energy saving and complete conformity with environmental protection regulations.

The entire range of washers, including special equipment, is represented in the product portfolio of the world market leader.

Dishwashers from Electrolux Professional

  • Glass washer: LB 035-040, LB 1-LB 2
  • Undercounters LS 5, LS 6, LS 6 with permanent water softening as well as (a) compact dishwashers EUCI and EUCAI; (B). Compact EUC standard rinsing machine; (C). Undercounters for baking trays EUCB.
  • Front loading washers (LU 7, LU7 with permanent water softening, WT40)
  • (EHTAI - medical-line), with water softener EHTAI 5 and its auxiliary equipment
  • Rack rinsing machines and associated auxiliary equipment
  • Basket transport rinsing machines (Compact - RTC220, Compact- RTC140, Compact- RTC180, Compact- RTC80, machines of the series STANDARD (compact), Compact, Eco)
  • Tray washers
  • Pot and Pan washers

As an official representative of the manufacturer MARAN Projekt GmbH not only provides the most extensive range of equipment, but also the best prices for commercial equipment (manufacturer prices) as well as favorable terms of delivery.

A manufacturing guarantee is valid for the entire range of the supplied rinsing technology. Experts from MARAN Projekt GmbH are ready to provide services both in professional assembly, as well as in maintenance and repair. Commercial dishwashers can be bought from the official dealer MARAN Projekt GmbH in Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna and throughout Europe.

Electrolux Professional Dishwasher

When you looking to buy a dishwasher for your home or business, choosing the right brand can be a tough choice. So it is always recommended to go with products from reputed brands like Electrolux Professional, a leading manufacturer and supplier of home and commercial appliances in the world. Even though most of the dishwashers have the same kind of working and functionality, it is the technology and quality that makes a product stand out from the others.

Electrolux Professional dishwashers are specially designed with ground breaking technology and can fit into any type of home. Whether you live in a country home, traditional home or a modern home, this dishwasher fits perfectly in your home. There is a variety of range in different designs and finishes to choose from.

Energy Star Compliant

All Electrolux Professional series dishwasher and other kitchen appliances are energy star compliant to help you save lot more energy when compared with other brand dishwashers. This equipment are perfectly capable to clean any kind of dish invariable of the size, large or small without using a lot of energy. They also have some of the best looking models in the market.

Most Economical Dishwasher

There is also a 24 inch top counter model that comes along with a tub made using high quality stainless steel. It comes with a trendy wooden finish to add to the grandeur of your home. Electrolux Professional dishwashing provides the complete solution to all your home and commercial dishwashing requirements. They provide you with equipment made using high quality materials to deliver superior washing quality, lesser operating costs, outstanding safety and reliability.

Innovative Technology

These dishwashers also employ innovative washing technologies like Ideal Wash System (IWS) to help achieve best washing results in rack type dishwashing machines. The unique wash control system also ensures optimal washing results. Many large catering facilities, restaurants and hotels look to employ the best and modern dishwashing equipment to trouble free washing tasks and Electrolux Professional spa dishwasher are high tech dishwashers that provide ultimate performance and longer lifetime.

Easy to Install and Maintain

These dishwashers are easy to install and maintain and comes with a detailed Electrolux Professional dishwasher manual to understand in detail about any functionality of the machines. Most of the machines comes in an innovative and sleek design and fits perfectly in your kitchen. High quality sturdy material is used in the construction of the surface of the dishwasher to withstand the test of time.

Easy to operate

The Electrolux Professional dishwasher are easy to operate as you can choose from 8 washing cycles based on your requirements.  You don’t need to separate the dishes based on the sizes as you can combine all in a single wash and intelligent washer takes care of the heaviest pans and even the delicate china dishes effectively.

Temperature control enables you to control the temperature of the dishwasher. This feature can come in handy when you look to dry the dishes or sanitize them. These dishwashers have a large capacity that you can load a lot of utensils at a time and hence save a lot of time and energy. These dishwashers doen’t require a lot of dishwashing soap during the washing process and thus saving a lot of money in the longer run. It also enables you to provide a great help to the environment by using less detergent and thus polluting the environment in a lot lesser way

Ultimate Safety

When it comes to safety, Electrolux Professional appliances are specially designed with great safety measures. With a child lock option, it prevents small children getting injured operating the machines.

Affordable Electrolux Professional Dishwasher Price

When you compare the Electrolux Professional dishwasher price with other brands, you will be largely surprised to see how much lower these dishwashers are priced, but comes with great features and safety measures that no other brands can challenge.

Highlights of Electrolux Professional Dishwashing Machines

  • Dishwashing machines from Electrolux Professional provides seamless and quiet operation as the noise level is maintained at an absolute minimum all the time
  • Comes equipped with easy to use and intuitive controls for easier handling and operation
  • Comes with sensors that decides the number of washing cycles needed based on the load in the machine
  • Can change from various washing cycles and options like rinse only option for lighter work and heavy washing for large loads
  • Top rack can be adjustable
  • Three piece basket can be split
  • The dishwashing machines are NSE certified as it removed 9.99% bacteria
  • Electrolux Professional comes with a range of models in various sizes and designs. If you have a small house that can’t have a 24 inch model, there is always an option for an 18 inch model that provides many benefits like the 24 inch ones.
  • Also, comes equipped with a stainless steel filter
  • The unique Aqualux washing system ensures that dish cleaning goes through various cycles to ensure spotless clean for your dishes
  • Comes with dispensers for detergent and rinse aids
  • Upper rack is made using high quality nylon material

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