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Electrolux Dishwashing

Electrolux dishwashing provides the professional solutions to the market that ensure excellent washing quality, low operating costs, exceptional reliability and safety of the equipment. Innovative technologies such as the IWS (Ideal Wash System) system for the improvement of washing results in rack type washing machines as well as the Wash Safe Control system, which enables an optimal washing.

The universal commercial dishwashers (for washing dishes, eating utensils and porcelain) can differ according to the type of construction (washing machines, rack type washing machines, front loading washing machines etc.). In addition, Electrolux offers the perfect solutions for office canvases, small cafes and restaurants - the compact undercounters, which are characterized by an optimal dimensions / performance ratio.

Electrolux Dishwashing Equipment

Today, the washing rooms of the catering facilities must be equipped with modern washing equipment. These are high-tech dishwashers, glass washers and other produced by the largest mechanical engineering companies.

One of the recognized market leaders in the industry is the Swedish company AB Electrolux, which supplies its production to 150 countries in the world. Electrolux brand equioment meet the highest standards of quality, safety, efficiency and performance. They are characterized by energy saving and complete conformity with environmental protection regulations.

The entire range of washers, including special equipment, is represented in the product portfolio of the world market leader:

• Dishwashers - equipment for rinsing kitchen utensils (pots, frying pans, GN containers, baking sheets, etc.)
• Glasswashers - equipment for rinsing glasses, drinking cups and cutlery,
• Pot and Pan washers.

Dishwashers from Electrolux

Our offer:

• Glass washer: LB 035-040, LB 1-LB 2
• Undercounters LS 5, LS 6, LS 6 with permanent water softening as well as (a) compact dishwashers EUCI and EUCAI; (B). Compact EUC standard rinsing machine; (C). Undercounters for baking trays EUCB.
• Front loading washers (LU 7, LU7 with permanent water softening, WT40)
• (EHTAI - medical-line), with water softener EHTAI 5 and its auxiliary equipment
• Rack rinsing machines and associated auxiliary equipment
• Basket transport rinsing machines (Compact - RTC220, Compact- RTC140, Compact- RTC180, Compact- RTC80, machines of the series STANDARD (compact), Compact, Eco)
• Tray washers
• Pot and Pan washers

As an official representative of the manufacturer MARAN Projekt GmbH not only provides the most extensive range of equipment, but also the best prices for commercial equipment (manufacturer prices) as well as favorable terms of delivery.

A manufacturing guarantee is valid for the entire range of the supplied rinsing technology. Experts from MARAN Projekt GmbH are ready to provide services both in professional assembly, as well as in maintenance and repair. Commercial dishwashers can be bought from the official dealer MARAN Projekt GmbH in Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna and throughout Europe.

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