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Electrolux Professional SkyLine PremiumS Ovens

Perhaps, you are eager to learn why it makes sense to opt for premium ovens from Maran Projekt GmbH. The simple answer is that they outperform their budget rivals in performance, durability, and other qualities. In particular, they have well-thought-out heaters with a glass-ceramic surface and expansion zones.

Here the burner in the first row has a round expansion zone for large pots. The expansion zone of the second heater is oval and it’s used for non-standard shapes such as fish pans.   

The remaining two are of the usual medium size. They are used for daily use dishes. In the premium ovens from Maran Projekt GmbH, the heating temperature is smoothly changed by rotary recessed regulators, so for every dish, you can choose an ideal cooking power mode. Besides this, there’s an indication of the residual heat of the burners.

Electrolux Professional SkyLine PremiumS Ovens Features

The working volume available in the premium ovens from Maran Projekt GmbH can reach up to 72 liters, while the maximum temperature may amount to 275°C.

You will be amazed by the variety of available modes:

  • Fast grilling;
  • Turbo grilling;
  • Defrosting;
  • Gentle cooking;
  • Convection;
  • Bottom heating.

That’s not a complete list of modes available to the owner of the premium oven from this reputable brand.

Besides this, you will appreciate easy-to-clean enamel, lighting, a removable door with a removable inner glass panel - that's all as it should be in the top-notch products. However, the maximum door heating temperature went down to 55°C, which is quite comfortable for human hands.

Furthermore, a special cooling fan for cooling the working surfaces is integrated into the device. It’s activated when the device starts. It keeps working until the oven cools down after being turned off.

If you manage to become a happy owner of this elite kitchen appliance, you will obtain the following list of useful items:

  • Chrome-plated lattice rails for four levels that come with a special system preventing tipping trays. It’s easily removable if you need to wash the inside of the oven or these rails;
  • A set of telescopic rails that can be installed on any of the four levels. They enable the cooker to push the installed accessory outside the oven to stir, add new ingredients and not risk to get burnt by the steam accumulated inside;
  • A chrome gril that enables you to install small dishes and accessories or bake pieces of meat on it;
  • A combined baking tray covered with enamel for easy cleaning and suitable both for baking and for collecting fat from the product being cooked on the grill.

Electrolux Professional SkyLine PremiumS Ovens Prices

Premium products have never been cheap and the premium ovens from this producer aren’t an exception. Certainly, here the price appears to be a pure reflection of the highest quality and a warm attitude to customers.

We should add that the ovens from this manufacturer come with adjustable legs. Such an extremely useful feature will enable you to add a couple of extra centimeters to align with the height of the surrounding furniture or position the device steadily if the floor has certain defects and irregularities.

Once you purchase the premium oven from Maran Projekt GmbH, you will note the increased productivity of your cooking operations. Moreover, the elite kitchen appliances from this brand will help you to save a lot on your energy bills and make your cooking more eco-friendly.

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