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Electrolux Professional Undercounters

High-quality undercounters crafted by Electrolux Professional are perfect solutions for all demanded customers who need low running costs and high performance. Machines provide the best washing results and reliable dishwashing operations. Electrolux Professional undercounters are ideal for medium and small sizes restaurants. They are high performing to deal with a large turnover of clients and guarantee fast servicing.

Highly efficient dishwashers are great for medium and small sized hotel kitchens that must satisfy varying customer requirements, from fine dining to room service. Undercounters are perfect for quick-service pubs, restaurants, and bars that require dynamic servicing within a limited time frame. They have everything you need to ensure the highest level of hygiene and sanitization.

Electrolux Professional Undercounters

Evaluate the extra benefits offered by Electrolux Professional undercounters:

  • Eco-friendly dishwashing solutions;
  • Reduced operating costs and consumption of electricity, water, rinse aid, and detergent;
  • Minimized impact on the environment;
  • The best rinsing and washing results;
  • Complete removal of detergent;
  • Increased safety, thanks to the unique wash system;
  • The most silent machines because of low noise levels and the double-skin shell;
  • Safe controls maintain constant rinse temperatures;
  • Perfect choice for washing plates, utensils, cups, trays, and other items;
  • The powerful washing circuit exploits the shape of rotating arms and spraying nozzles in a washing chamber to provide users with the best results;
  • Guaranteed clean items each time;
  • Perfect rinsing performance;
  • Atmospheric boiler is equipped with a rinse booster pump, air break, solenoid valve, and boiler waiting device;
  • Constant strong pressure and high temperature of rinse water;
  • No part of the washing chamber is uncovered by water blades generated by nozzles;
  • No water drops on cleaned items, thanks to 4-second pausing before rinsing and after washing them.

Electrolux Professional Undercounter Dishwashers

High-quality undercounter dishwashers always guarantee perfect rinsing performance. Sanitized plates and kitchen utensils are the greatest guarantee for hygiene. Electrolux Professional understands the important role of offering a complete detergent removal during a rinsing phase to meet the highest safety requirements. The constant rinsing temperature of machines is 84°C. It assures excellent hygienic conditions and killing all harmful bacteria.

The air break function prevents water from flowing back in case of any machine failure. The rinse booster pump pushes water at the same high pressure. The atmospheric boiler ensures a high volume of hot water at constant high temperatures. Detergent removal is guaranteed even when using low-water inlet pressure. A special boiler waiting device ensures that the rinsing phase starts only when water reaches a certain temperature. A solenoid valve in machines allows water to enter and fill a boiler.

  • Spot-free cutlery and glasses after each use;
  • Equipped with CWS to guarantee continuous dishwashing;
  • Equipped with a special external salt filling cap;
  • A sensor advises when a salt container must be refilled;
  • Integrated water softener;
  • The workflow isn’t interrupted, thanks to 2 resin containers;
  • Reduced scale build-up;
  • Improved ergonomics;
  • Wash tank filters are easy to remove;
  • Counter balanced doors are equipped with springs to lighten the impact of regular closing and opening;
  • Incredible flexibility;
  • 3 standard cycles to wash any residue;
  • Wash tank with round corners to avoid dirt traps;
  • Pre-arranged to accept extra dosing equipment;
  • Different types of baskets are available;
  • Fully automatic self-cleaning cycle;
  • Stainless steel construction to guarantee a long-lasting service;
  • IPX4 water protection;
  • Very low noise levels.

Electrolux Professional Undercounters Price

Looking for the professional undercounters designed by Electrolux Professional? Maran Projekt GmbH offers the best answer to your needs. It’s a reliable distributor of Electrolux Professional machines worldwide. The company sets reasonable prices that range based on a particular model and features. Once you order a professional undercounter from Maran, you get access to multiple benefits, including high performance, hygiene, quality, and functionality.

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