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Electrolux Professional Waste Management System

Electrolux Professional offers highly efficient and ergonomic waste disposal units that form an innovative and compact system to treat any organic waste.

The top-quality Electrolux Professional waste management system provides users with many benefits, including a great reduction of organic waste volume because of the innovative process of waste treatment and other advanced functions.

Electrolux Professional Waste Management System

Use the top-notch range to reduce the running costs of your kitchen and end up making a sound investment:

  • Compact integrated pulpers;
  • Modular centrifugal dewatering presses;
  • Modular drop-in intake stations;
  • Modular freestanding intake stations;
  • Modular holding cylinders.

Electrolux Professional Waste Management System

It enables to store your treated waste in a standard environment, thus eliminating or reducing a need for any extra space. High-quality waste management units are perfect for sites with a limited space. A food waste is loaded via the intake to be passed through a centrifugal dehydratation and grinding processes and collected in a special waster bin. All-in-one units provide users with reduced waster-collection expenses and relevant environmental pollution. You can further use a dry waste to produce a compost or biogas, thus taking advantage of a complete reuse of your organic waste.

It’s possible to install the system anywhere because it require only electrical and water connections. You can place the following materials into highly efficient waste management appliances:

  • Shells and bones are compostable and biodegradable in standard table quantities;
  • Cardboard should be collected and recycles separately;
  • Paper, including napkins and serviettes, should be recycled and collected separately.

Electrolux Professional Waste Management System Features

There are certain materials that can’t be placed into Electrolux Professional units, such as:

  • Cans and tins because they pollute organic waste;
  • Plastic, like knives, drinking cups, and forks;
  • Metal items, such as rings, coins, forks, spoons, and knives;
  • Cloth materials, including towels.

How does this system work?

  • Intake stations grind your organic waste into tiny particles;
  • Holding tanks store this waste temporarily and control the right flow into a special dewatering press.

No matter how much organic waste you must treat, the waste management system created by Electrolux Professional is your perfect and efficient solution. It consists of different units that can be placed in a separate space.

Electrolux Professional Waste Management System Price

High-quality waste management units manufactured by Electrolux Professional are officially distributed by Maran Projekt GmbH worldwide. The company offers the best deals on professional kitchen equipment and ergonomic solutions.

Prices are very competitive and they range based on the units you choose and different characteristics. With Maran, you benefit from a fast delivery, excellent service, customer privacy, and complete satisfaction. The waste management system is everything you need to dispose your kitchen waste on a regular basis.

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