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We speak English and German. We ship worldwide from Hamburg, Germany.

Hotel Equipment from leading global brand facilitates the following purposes: increasing the efficiency and functionality of all technological processes and creating a cozy atmosphere. Indeed the professional equipment is a keystone for ascending business as well as for business with a solid reputation in the hotel industry.

Our company offers a complete equipping for Hospitality with the equipment for hotels from well known brand. The equipment for hotels has to meet all the requirements of quality and safety. The hotel equipment, which are marketed for decades, is easy to control, operate, install and maintain: washers, dryers, ironers, modern stoves and refrigerators, frozen cells, self-service elements, dishwashers, bar and stainless steel furniture and fittings for use by customers and guests.

Small guest house and huge hotel complex - we offer everything you need for Turn-Key Solutions in Hospitality business.

Safety and long lasting performance, years of trouble-free work means the advantageous investment and low service costs for you.

In our portfolio are projects in co-operation with famous hotel chains throughout Europe, including Hyatt, Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Marriott, Radisson, Park Inn, Intercontinental.

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Turn-Key Solutions for Guest Houses and Hotels

The wide range of capacities, modifications, executions, various additional features and options allow you to complete a Turn-key equipping of your hotels with equipment from several or only one brand within a short time. By using the products from Electrolux Professional you can equip the whole hotel, regardless to its size.

Safety and long lasting performance, years of trouble-free work means the advantageous investment and low service costs for you. Hotel equipment should not be necessarily profitable for investors or managers: it should facilitate the business, reputation, level of standards and conditions for the proper and efficient operations of the entire process.

The presented on the market equipment has earned the reputation of safe, easy to use, economical and environmental friendly equipment for several years. Minimizing the investment in hardware, running cost and maintainance allows you to save time and money. We offer professional equipment from Electrolux Professional as “Turn-Key Solutions” for hotels in Berlin, Hamburg and other places all over the Europe and worldwide.

Equipment for Hotel Restaurants in Hamburg, Europe and Worldwide to order:

We speak English and German. We ship worldwide from Hamburg, Germany.

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Electrolux Professional Hotel Equipment

The range of equipment from Electrolux Professional is so wide that it allows a Turn-Key Solutions for hotels of any size (as wella s for restaurants, bars, cafes, laundries). The equipping with only one brand is the guarantee of compatibility of all units and their optimal operation and sinergy. Thanks that the maximum efficiency and long life of each unit as well as reaching the designed performance is guaranteed at minimum investments.

Exactly this well-known equipment we have installed, among the others, at of luxurious hotels like Holiday Inn, Marriott, Sheraton, Radisson used. Besides these outstanding projects we have realized a number of small projects – as “Turn-Key Solutions” in Hamburg and other places all over the Europe.

Electrolux Professional hotel equipment benefits

Electrolux Professional is a leading manufacturer that offers complete solutions to modern hotels. Its innovative hotel kitchen equipment is well-represented among highly efficient alternatives and has high sales rates these days. Maran Projekt GmbH is the official international distributor of this brand that holds its strong position in different categories of commercial hotel equipment.

For many years, Electrolux Professional has remained a well-known leader in manufacturing highly efficient cookers, evens, hobs, and other professional kitchen appliances. There are many innovative functions and advanced technologies that its equipment for hotels can offer consumers. They all are focused at simplifying operations and cooking processes in different professional settings.

Electrolux Professional is the company that designs top-quality and exclusive kitchen appliances for consumers worldwide. Maran Projekt GmbH internationally distributes complete solutions to hotel kitchens, including fridges and other refrigeration devices, freezers, cookers, dishwashers, and others. This company conducts its operations worldwide and has a large service network.

The latest hotel kitchen trends

Fast lifestyle changes in many countries result in the increased demand for highly efficient equipment that can make all operations easy and trouble-free, food storage safe and more reliable, and cooking processes healthy. That’s why the increasing number of hotel managers and owners shop for the functions and products used by the best chefs. They help cook meals fast, intuitively, and with great results. Electrolux Professional manufactures the best hotel electrical equipment with low energy and water consumption. All units are created from sustainable and quality materials.

Electrolux Professional solutions for a hotel kitchen

Whether hotels have special party rooms or other banquet facilities, this company has efficient equipment options that can solve even tough challenges. It also understands the need for effective and adaptable buffet solutions and empowers customers to keep up with their demand for business growth. Maran Projekt GmbH distributes both standard kitchen ranges and specialized units to meet customer requirements.

When looking for reliable hotel equipment suppliers, choose this company because it understands how to help you be the best in servicing, food, and atmosphere. Everything starts with a professional hotel kitchen where any menu can come to life. Electrolux Professional is fully committed to cost effectiveness and innovation, and this is what makes it the most reliable brand for hotel kitchens.

Consider all kinds of room equipment hotel tailored solutions because they’re important to thrive in the modern competitive market. One of the top priorities of Electrolux Professional is to take care of understanding customer needs. All consumers search for dedicated solutions and special case, so the company is focused on delivering custom-tailored solutions to fit the needs of all demanding clients perfectly. 

Electrolux Professional has its solid reputation, experience, and professional competence because its main target is guaranteed customer satisfaction. Order high-quality hotel equipment for sale to delight all customers easily. To achieve this important objective, Electrolux Professional customer services can suit any customer need. It creates personalized approaches for professional hotel kitchens too. Trained specialists are empowered to solve all problems successfully and fast.

Cost effective hotel equipment solutions

The wide range of Electrolux Professional appliances is designed and manufactured to provide cost efficient solutions. The main effort of this company is in creating the kitchen appliances that can meet the highest standards in terms or quality and add more value to all customers. Electrolux Professional produces long-lasting hotel cleaning equipment to ensure its commitment toward increased returns.

All units have the right balance between guaranteed savings and increased performance. These custom-tailored integrated kitchen systems are designed while taking into account customer savings. Electrolux Professional solutions can optimize the workflow of any hotel kitchen because they integrate functional and highly efficient systems to generate excellent savings in resources and time. Take advantage of ergonomic kitchen appliances sold by Maran Projekt GmbH.

Electrolux Professional hotel equipment price

Order highly efficient and affordable hotel kitchen units from Maran Projekt GmbH. It’s an official distributor of Electrolux Professional equipment worldwide. The company sets competitive prices on the entire range of products, and they exclude all kinds of taxes and shipping costs. Prices vary according to the unit you order and its unique specifications, such as power and weight. Make a wise investment and order Electrolux Professional equipment for hotel kitchens from Maran Projekt GmbH.

Outstanding equipment performance

When it comes to Electrolux Professional, this brand means a high quality. Its vision is to become a leader in this industry, and the company achieved this status because of its wide range of high-quality kitchen machines. They fit the needs even of the most demanding buyers. All kitchen appliances are engineered to satisfy each customer demand. They’re created only from top-notch materials to guarantee increased durability and high efficiency.

Electrolux Professional guarantees the best quality of its hotel equipment list, which can be experienced in many details. It’s simple to use and combine sophisticated technology. This high quality is reflected in every unit because it’s the key to high customer satisfaction rates.

Guaranteed reliability

The search for excellence is a part of Electrolux Professional culture. That’s why this brand always provides excellent in reliability, service, and hotel equipment, which is created to be highly efficient and durable in long-term use.