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Electrolux Professional Rack Type Dishwashers

The innovative range of rack type dishwashers created by Electrolux Professional provides the highest level of rinsing and washing performance combined with excellent solidity. Professional machines are perfect for all kinds of heavy-duty installations, including large canteens, hotel restaurants, hospitals, in-flight caterings, and others. Electrolux Professional rack type dishwashers guarantee the lowest running costs and the best results. Top-quality units offer outstanding reliability and sustainability, so buying them can turn into the backbone of your business. The touchscreen interface is easy to use and it talks your language because of special customization options. Fast fixes are ensures by guided troubleshooting and easy-to-understand technical data.

Electrolux Professional Rack Type Dishwashers

Machines are made by Electrolux Professional to measure, even if customer needs change. The innovative dishwashing range offers custom upgrades and options that can be added whenever you need to get the best solution. Professional dishwashers provide users with the consistent performance. Forget about manual descaling and benefit from maximal efficiency to keep performing over time, thanks to the Zero Lime descaling device.

The pre-wash zone usually uses the dirtiest water in dishwashers and offers the best for ideal washing. Unlike all traditional dishwashing systems, the pre-wash of the new Electrolux Professional range is totally detached from the wash zone water. The system uses only fresh water to prevent all kinds of food particles to stick to plates and other kitchen utensils. The wash zone of rack type dishwashers is separated from the rinse zone, so a wash tank is free of any rinse aid, thus resulting in low detergent consumption.

  • Low running costs, thanks to the innovative rinse module that uses less electricity, water, rinse aid, and detergent;
  • Excellent washing results guaranteed by the advanced clear-blue filters that keep water clean for a long time and provide clean plates at each use;
  • Guaranteed sanitation and perfect hygienic results with the wash and safe control that given constant rinse temperatures;
  • Completely ventless design to offer the steam-free environment;
  • Easy maintenance and use;
  • Touchscreen interface that speaks your language;
  • Easy-to-understand technical information and detailed troubleshooting for quick fixes;
  • Good for your pocket and the environment;
  • Innovative IWS system for optimized washing results;
  • Innovative MWC wash arms;
  • Duo-wash configuration of all wash pumps;
  • Atmospheric rinse, no matter of incoming water pressure;
  • Excellent washware sanitation;
  • High temperature duo rinsing;
  • Self-draining wash pumps;
  • Inspection doors with all-round access;
  • Pressed wash and rinse tanks;
  • Improved machine cleanability;
  • Durable stainless steel under-frame;
  • Solid stainless steel components;
  • Foam injection insulated doors;
  • IPX5 water protection;
  • Ongoing washing without adding more detergents;
  • Separate pre-wash zone without the high volume of cooling water;
  • Duo-rinse to reduce water consumption;
  • Excellent ergonomics;
  • Large and convenient door handles;
  • Low temperature drying;
  • 2 pre-set speeds.

Electrolux Professional Rack Type Dishwashers Price

Maran Projekt GmbH supplies the best-quality rack type dishwashers crafted by Electrolux Professional worldwide. The prices set by the official distributor are quite competitive and range based on specific models and characteristics. All consumers can be sure to get a perfect solution to lower running costs and end up with great savings. Electrolux Professional machines pay for themselves over time because of ergonomics, outstanding performance, and top hygiene.

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