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Electrolux Professional SkyLine Premium Ovens

If you value such qualities as human-centered design and smart technology in kitchen appliances, then, SkyLine Premium Ovens from Maran Projekt GmbH won’t disappoint you. They’re designed to deliver outstanding performance.

That’s a revolutionary new solution, characterized by lower operating costs and improved ergonomics. These appliances are very easy to use. They will help you to achieve new heights in the industry.

The manufacturer boasts more than 40 years of excellence in the manufacture of combi premium ovens.

You are welcome to save up to 10% on energy costs and work as efficiently as possible with premium ovens from Maran Projekt GmbH. Thanks to the new Plan-n-Save feature based on AI-based logic, you will be able to drastically optimize the cooking process and cut your expenses.

Make your kitchen more efficient, productive and stress-free with this cutting-edge Cook & Chill: SkyDuo technology that ensures strong communication between combi premium ovens and Skyline shock-freezers.

Electrolux Professional SkyLine Premium Ovens Features

You ought to try premium ovens from Maran Projekt GmbH because they offer the following features:

  • Designed for business: Get up to 10% profit with green savings. Saving on water, energy, and chemicals will increase your profitability.
  • Created for you: Let your staff make the most from the top-notch ovens that boast an independent 4-star rating due to their unique ergonomic design.
  • Designed for great performance: Enjoy perfect cooking evenness thanks to OptiFlow, the cutting-edge circulation system. The ultra-precise humidity control with a Lambda sensor is now available for all premium ovens from Maran Projekt GmbH.
  • Designed for smooth operation: Track the condition and performance of your premium oven from anywhere.
  • Energy efficiency and productivity: Premium ovens from Maran Projekt GmbH boast the lowest power consumption and best-in-class results. The eco-cooking mode and automatic cycles are specially designed to cook dishes in the most environmentally friendly way, thus making equipment efficient and profitable.
  • Premium ovens from Maran Projekt GmbH have the following major cycles:
  • Static Combi: Gentle air distribution.
  • Regeneration: Dishes can be served in 7 minutes.
  • Low-temperature cooking: It reduces food weight loss by 50%.
  • Moisture removal: This cycle removes moisture from food by cooking at low temperature and zero humidity, while maintaining compactness, aroma as well as nutritional values of the dish.

Electrolux Professional SkyLine Premium Ovens price

Since we are talking about premium ovens, you should realize that they can’t be cheap. Please note that premium devices require significant investments. But the quality corresponds to the prices because you get a reliable device that will not let you down. The exact price may vary, stay tuned for current information.

Hurry up to purchase an ergonomic premium oven from Maran Projekt GmbH. Needless to understate the importance of ergonomics when it comes to executing everyday duties. For cookers, the level of Skyline ergonomics means a 75% reduction in the risk of disability. The user-friendly design of these premium ovens has already gained a prestigious 4-star rating.

In addition to this, the manufacturer guarantees a 25% increase in the productivity of your cooking business. So, you won’t regret investing in these premium appliances.

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