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Electrolux Professional Servery

Electrolux Professional offers 3 unique solutions for the servery line. An excellent choice for those who value functionality and modern technology.

The line of Electrolux Professional servery equipment corresponds to any tasks of the restaurant business and is able to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Built-in servery equipment is an ideal response to the demands of modern self-service enterprises: the equipment is harmoniously combined with the surrounding environment. Absolute integrability provides a flexible application of Electrolux Professional embedded equipment in both the traditional self-service system and the freeflow format. All units are convenient for cleaning, meet high sanitary standards and are environmentally safe.

Electrolux Professional Servery

Electrolux Professional is a leading company offering unique and top-quality solutions for the Servery line. It’s a perfect choice for all modern consumers who value innovative technology and functionality. Servery kitchen equipment can perform any tasks of restaurants or other businesses and suit the needs of the most demanding clients.

The integrated Servery equipment supplied by Maran Projekt GmbH is the best answer to all demands of modern self-service enterprises. It’s harmoniously combined with any surrounding commercial kitchen environment. The absolute integrability of Electrolux Professional units offers a flexible application in the free-flow format and the traditional self-service option. Available models are convenient for easy cleaning, environmentally safe, and meet the highest hygiene standards. You can choose from the following Electrolux Professional Servery options:

  • Fit system;
  • Self-Service;
  • Service trolleys;
  • Drop-in units.

The server equipment integrates the commercial kitchen functions necessary to meet all customer demands.

Electrolux Professional Servery

The Self-Service line provides personalized solutions to professional caterers to guarantee confidence to welcome consumers with high-quality surroundings, design, and maximum functionality. The following beneficial features ensure easy access and perfect food visibility:

  • HACCP buttons to guarantee food safety;
  • Customized options because of modularity and different units;
  • The cooltemp system keeps the temperature of glass display units constant;
  • Guaranteed quality of all displayed food products;
  • Food visibility due to lighting systems and glass surface design;
  • Reliability of the stainless steel structure and thick worktops;
  • Electronic smart system;
  • Ergonomics ensured by direct and easy interactions between clients and operators;
  • Guaranteed cleanliness thanks to end-to-end connection;
  • Versatile working surfaces suitable for all requirements;
  • Pull-out glass panels and rounded corners for easy cleaning and maintenance;
  • Extra simple installation;
  • Click-in system to connect all units;
  • Fast attachment of plinths and front panels.

Fit System units are the best choice to serve a number of meals to customers in a short time frame. Electrolux Professional equipment fits all self-service environments, such as resorts, convenience stores, restaurants, and others.

  • Cold and bain-marie units are safe and protected;
  • Equipped with digital control panels;
  • Meeting all HACCP regulations;
  • Constructed with the tempered glass over-shelf;
  • Guaranteed food safety and excellent food display;
  • Many personalized colors;
  • Fitted with folding tray slides;
  • Mounted on wheels.

Drop-in units give an optimal answer to the needs of modern distribution services. Electrolux Professional equipment guarantees perfect aesthetical optimization with any environment. All drop-in units are ecologically-friendly, easy to clean, and meet the highest hygiene standards.

  • Comfortable;
  • Accessible;
  • Enjoyable;
  • Sociable.

Electrolux Professional Servery Price

Interested in the servery line offered by Electrolux Professional? Order any unit you choose from Maran Projekt GmbH. The official international distributor of Electrolux Professional always provides customers with many benefits, including reasonable prices. They range according to a particular model and such specifications as the size and weight. No matter what you order, you’ll get the highest efficiency and outstanding quality of the industry leader.

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