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Electrolux Professional Convection Ovens

Electrolux Professional has been providing high quality modular cooking equipment for the past 70 years and still maintains the market leadership with its quality and highly durable cooking equipment tailored to the current needs of the industry.

When it comes to large-scale cooking, the Electrolux Professional convection oven provides a professional caterer with maximum performance, compliance to safety standards, energy saving features, reliability and ergonomic operations at affordable costs.

Eelctrolux produces a full range of gas and electric crosswise convection ovens.

Electrolux Professional Convection Ovens

The Electrolux Professional series oven comes in various kinds of ovens to cater to the needs of different type of caterers and budget levels including:

  • Convection ovens
  • 4 Burner gas ovens
  • 6 Burner gas ovens
  • Dual fuel commercial ovens
  • Electric Ovens
  • Solid top ovens

Most of the Electrolux Professional convection oven utilizes the cook-and-chill technology that combines both cooking and cooling system present in the same oven. So you don’t need to look for a different equipment for cooling after coking your food as cooling also can be done inside the same oven where cooking is done. This ensures that more space is saved in the kitchen by placing one equipment item instead of multiple items and also reduces the cost factor involved in buying multiple equipment and also reduced energy consumption.

Electrolux Professional Convection Oven Price

One of the special features of Electrolux Professional electric mini oven is that the food once prepared in the oven need not be transferred to another equipment for storage, but be stored inside the same oven ensuring no loss of taste and nutritional value to a great extent. With the help of innovative technology and exclusive design features, this Electrolux Professional oven helps in optimizing the kitchen to a great extent by reducing low usage of raw materials and ensuring cost savings too. Electrolux Professional convection oven price is also much lower when compared with other brands.

When it comes to commercial cooking, people at the kitchen in industries, hotels and restaurants look for the one thing called humidity in the oven. It is an important aspect of perfect cooking, as humidity needs to be adjusted when cooking different types of foods or else you won’t get the food properly cooked. Say for example, when some foods which need dry heat for cooking is combined with beef inside the same oven, in other ovens you would end up getting that food dry and tough as humidity stays the same for both the foods. But with a combi-oven, humidity is maintained separately for different kinds of food. It comes with a six sensor probe and a high performance steam generator to ensure maintaining the humidity at the required levels. Chefs in hotels, bars and restaurants favour the convection ovens to a great extent because the heat inside the oven is not taken into account to provide the best possible results, but the heat inside the food is monitored.

Highlights of the Electrolux Professional oven

  • These ovens caters to all kinds of requirements for hotels, restaurants, bars and even for cooking in small places
  • It is pretty much simple to use the ovens as all you need to do is plug-in the oven to an electrical source, fill the required amount of water and place the ingredients and your food will be ready within minutes
  • No need of any special water connections to be attached to the oven
  • These are multi-purpose ovens that can be used go cooking all kinds of food including vegetables, dessert and meat etc.
  • Comes with various cooking options including max steam cooking, low steam cooking, combi cooking, convection cooking and cooling
  • Oven doors are self-balanced for additional safety
  • Cleaning and maintaining the ovens are easy as the internal parts are easy to disassemble
  • 4 different knobs enable in controlling the cooking mode, temperature, time and ventilation easily

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