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Electrolux Professional Modular Cooking 700XP

Electrolux Professional 700XP and 900XP modular thermal equipment lines meet the requirements of the main segments of the market: fast-food restaurants, full-cycle restaurants and kitchen factories.

Electrolux Professional 700XP units use innovative technologies that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the kitchen:

  • New powerful induction cookers and woks - this is a high performance and guarantee of minimum thermal emission, which means comfortable working conditions for the staff.
  • A new electric cooker with a solid surface will provide small kitchens with an intensive mode of operation with higher productivity than standard electric cookers.
  • Exclusive gas burners of the petal flame are flexibility in use and high efficiency. Thanks to the unique design of the burners, the flame is precisely adjusted to the utensils of any diameter.

Electrolux Professional 700xp series

Electrolux Professional caters to every requirement of the fast foods, hotels, restaurants and kitchens with its hi-profile modular thermal equipments like the Electrolux Professional 700xp series. Commercial chefs will be the most pleased ones with the Electrolux Professional 700 series equipments at their disposal as these equipments help in a great deal in saving lots of space, energy and resources.

These equipments are tailor-made to meet the everyday demands of people in the kitchen in hotels, restaurants and fast-foods. They improve the cooking efficiency and productivity to a great degree. High-productivity kitchens need equipments that deliver higher performance and energy saving solutions and Electrolux Professional is a world leader in delivering those at the most affordable prices.

Highlights of Electrolux Professional 700 xp:

  • The induction cooker range from Electrolux Professional provides ultimate performance and guarantees minimal thermal emission and enables a favourable and comfortable working condition inside the kitchen for the people out there.
  • The electric cooker 700 xp range has been modified with a solid surface to enable kitchens operating in smaller areas like fast food to have higher performance and productivity when compared to other standard electric cookers.
  • All products come with an extensive Electrolux Professional 700xp manual to enable users to understand about the product and procedures to assemble and use the product effectively.
  • When you compare the Electrolux Professional 700xp price with other similar range of products from other companies, you’ll highly surprised with the affordable range of Electrolux Professional 700 series.
  • Gas pasta cookers models available with finely controllable temperature
  • Cooking times are reduced by upto 50% with the split-level gas convection ovens.
  • Burners are specially designed to adjust the flames according to the diameter of the vessels placed over them
  • Gas burners with petal flame provide higher efficiency and flexibility
  • The multi-functionality Ref-freezer can be used as either a refrigerator or freezer and can be combined with many top level appliances like the fry tops and PowerGrill

Electrolux Professional 700 Series:

  • Electric Grills
  • Electric Fryers
  • Electric Fry Tops
  • Electric Boiling Pans
  • Electric Hob Cooking Tops
  • Electric Multifunctional Cookers
  • Electric Pasta Cookers
  • Electric Tilting Braising Pans
  • Electric Chip Scuttles
  • Electric Ranges
  • Gas Boiling Pans
  • Gas Fry Tops
  • Gas Fryers
  • Gas Grills
  • Gas Ranges
  • Gas Pasta Cookers
  • Gas Solid Tops
  • Induction Cooking Tops
  • Infrared Cooking Tops
  • Worktops and Bases
  • Accessories

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