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Electrolux Professional Water Treatment

Electrolux Professional manufactured high-quality and efficient water filters to serve different purposes.

External reverse osmosis filters are perfect for installations where stop-free drying, top-notch rinsing, and reduced operating costs are important.

Demineralization filters are designed to provide users with purified water for better rinsing results and excellent service of all dishwashing components.

Electrolux Professional Water Treatment

Electrolux Professional water treatment solutions suit different machine models. They are created to help users to get rid of all impurities, including different salts, bacteria, and food particles.

  • Demineralization filters;
  • Reverse osmosis filters.

Electrolux Professional Water Treatment

Filters for total demineralization treat the water to prolong the service life of dishwashing components.

  • Can be used in different water temperatures;
  • 2-6 bars of operating pressure;
  • Highly efficient nominal flow rate;
  • Reduced need for descaling;
  • Easy and fast filter cartridges replacing;
  • 3 layers ion exchangers to guarantee the elimination of all salts and preventing them from being deposited on cutlery and glasses.

Electrolux Professional Water Treatment Features

Reverse osmosis filters are designed to remove any salts and bacteria and guarantee brilliant dishwashing results.

  • Treating water before being fed into dishwashers;
  • Removing up to 99% minerals;
  • Guaranteeing clean results;
  • Multi-step physical filters;
  • Integrated pre-filtering device to eliminate particles and odors;
  • Final filtering level pushes high-pressure water via a semi-permeable membrane to remove impurities and salts;
  • Manual by-pass in case of any malfunction.

Filters for partial demineralization remove carbonate hardness. Magnesium and calcium ions are effectively removed from the water through a special ion exchanger to prevent unwanted residues on dishes.

Electrolux Professional Water Treatment Price

Maran Projekt GmbH is the company that specializes in distributing Electrolux Professional kitchen equipment worldwide. When shopping for the best water treatment solutions, pay attention to the reasonable offers of Maran to end up with savings.

Prices on highly efficient water filters designed by Electrolux Professional are calculated based on specifications and features. With Maran, you can count on regular discounts and special offers that will let you save more. Water filters guarantee increased functionality, user-friendliness, and other benefits.

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