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Electrolux Professional Drying Cabinets

Top-notch drying cabinets are designed by Electrolux Professional to provide consumers with ultimate flexibility in terms of drying. They are perfect for superior textile care in different applications.

All Electrolux Professional drying cabinets come with the following accessories to guarantee perfect results and space utilization:

  • Glove hangers;
  • Hanger sticks;
  • Shows shelves.

Electrolux Professional Drying Cabinets

What are the main reasons to invest money in professional drying equipment?

  • Gentle and easy drying of all delicate materials, including silk, velvet, wool, and linen;
  • Electrolux Professional conventional drying solutions offer great results in sports and workwear clothes, gloves, and boots;
  • Outstanding flexibility because they’re designed for protective workwear, sensitive garments, bulky items, and outdoor clothes;
  • Get the best drying of sensitive garments with no mechanical action;
  • High-quality results and outstanding textile care, thanks to gentle drying operation;
  • Saved money and time because of fast and efficient drying, which is much better and safer than flat or hang drying;
  • Providing the extended lifetime of workwear and all garments.

Electrolux Professional Drying Cabinets

Units are available in a range of models that all have both similar and different specifications. For example, TS560 drying cabinets are popular for the following features:

  • Special option to activate a child safety start lock;
  • 2 automated drying programs;
  • 30 extensible hangers;
  • Adjustable feet to guarantee easy installation.

TS5121 drying cabinets offer an excellent performance, thanks to:

  • Working with the negative pressure that eliminates any air leakage into a room;
  • 18 pivoting hanging tolls made of painted and anodized tubing;
  • Dual air ducts and fans to offer the best air balance and even drying results in a whole cabinet;
  • Adjustable floor supports for simple installation.

TS4181 drying cabinets are a bit bigger than the previous ones and they have:

  • Large opening angle and doors for easy use;
  • 2 automated drying programs;
  • Special child safety lock that is easily activated;
  • Fixed rack and a pivoting aluminum hanger for smaller and thin fabrics.

Some of the common characteristics of all drying cabinets designed by Electrolux Professional include:

  • Integrated work lights;
  • Used for the efficient drying of sensitive and bulky items;
  • No mechanical action, which means that professional drying equipment is suitable for such garments as shoes, gloves, and such delicate fabrics as linen and silk;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Better time savings compared to hang or flat drying;
  • User-friendly positioning of a control panel and door handles, suitable even for disabled operators;
  • Durable stainless steel hangers;
  • Insulated doors for quiet operating;
  • Easy loading and unloading;
  • Guaranteeing the extended lifetime of workwear and sensitive garments;
  • Magnetic door edges to eliminate a risk of kids being locked in;
  • Special door circuit breaker that interrupt a drying process if a door is open;
  • Durable construction.

Electrolux Professional Drying Cabinets Price

Maran Projekt GmbH is the official international distributor of Electrolux Professional laundry equipment, including drying cabinets. You can order them at quite competitive prices, ranging from €591 to €2,205 according to the size and electrical power of specific models. No matter of your final choice, you will get an excellent quality and other benefits from Maran, including fast delivery, outstanding performance, and long-term service.

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